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initial list of such substances under this section,  the Administrator

may  extend any schedule  or compliance deadline  contained in section

604 or 605  to a later  date than specified  in such sections  if such

schedule or deadline is  unattainable, considering when such substance

is  added to the list.  No extension under  this subsection may extend

the  date for termination of production of  any class I substance to a

date more  than 7 years after January 1 of  the year after the year in

which the substance is  added to the list of  class I substances.   No

extension under this subsection may extend the date for termination of

production of  any class  II substance  to a date  more than  10 years

after January 1 of the  year after the year in which the  substance is

added to the list of class II substances.

   "(e) Ozone-Depletion and Global Warming  Potential.-Simultaneously

with  publication of the  lists under this  section and simultaneously

with any addition  to either  of such lists,  the Administrator  shall

assign  to each  listed substance  a numerical value  representing the

substance's ozone-depletion potential. In addition,  the Administrator

shall  publish  the chlorine  and  bromine loading  potential  and the

atmospheric  lifetime  of  each   listed  substance.  One  year  after

enactment of  the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (one year after the

addition  of a  substance to  either of such  lists in  the case  of a

substance added after  the publication  of the initial  lists of  such

substances), and after notice and opportunity for  public comment, the

Administrator  shall  publish the  global  warming  potential of  each

listed  substance. The preceding sentence shall not be construed to be

the basis  of any additional regulation under this Act. In the case of

the substances referred to  in table 1, the  ozone-depletion potential

shall be as specified in table 1, unless the Administrator adjusts the

substance's ozone-depletion potential based on criteria referred to in

section 601(10):

   "Table 1

   Substance                       Ozone-depletion potential

   chlorofluorocarbon-11 (CFC-11)        1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-12 (CFC-12)        1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-13 (CFC-13)        1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-111 (CFC-111)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-112 (CFC-112)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-113 (CFC-113)      0      8

   chlorofluorocarbon-114 (CFC-114)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-115 (CFC-115)      0      6

   chlorofluorocarbon-211 (CFC-211)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-212 (CFC-212)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-213 (CFC-213)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-214 (CFC-214)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-215 (CFC-215)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-216 (CFC-216)      1      0

   chlorofluorocarbon-217 (CFC-217)      1      0

   halon-1211                              3       0

   halon-1301                             10       0

   halon-2402                              6       0

   carbon tetrachloride                  1      1

   methyl chloroform                     0      1

   hydrochlorofluorocarbon-22 (HCFC-22)                     0        


   hydrochlorofluorocarbon-123 (HCFC-123)                   0        

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