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economic effects of any stratospheric ozone depletion.

   "(2)  The Administrators  of the  National  Aeronautics and  Space

Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

shall  monitor,  and  not less  often  than  every  3 years  following

enactment of the Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990, submit a report to

Congress on the current average tropospheric concentration of chlorine

and  bromine and on the  level of stratospheric  ozone depletion. Such

reports shall include updated projections of-

      "(A) peak chlorine loading;

      "(B) the rate at which the atmospheric abundance of chlorine is

   projected to decrease after the year 2000; and

      "(C) the date by which the atmospheric abundance of chlorine is

   projected  to return to  a level  of two parts  per billion.  Such

   updated  projections  shall  be  made  on  the  basis  of  current

   international and domestic controls on substances  covered by this

   title as well  as on the basis of  such controls supplemented by a

   year 2000 global phase out  of all halocarbon emissions  (the base

   case). It  is the purpose of  the Congress  through the provisions

   of this section to monitor  closely the production and consumption

   of  class  II  substances  to  assure  that   the  production  and

   consumption of such substances will not:

         "(i)  increase significantly the peak  chlorine loading that

      is  projected to  occur  under the  base  case established  for

      purposes of this section;

         "(ii) reduce significantly the rate at which the atmospheric

      abundance  of chlorine is projected to  decrease under the base

      case; or

         "(iii)  delay  the date  by  which  the  average atmospheric

      concentration of chlorine  is projected under the  base case to

      return to a level of two parts per billion.

   "(e) Technology  Status Report  in  2015.-The Administrator  shall

review, on a periodic basis, the progress being made in the de-

velopment of alternative systems  or products necessary to manufacture

and   operate  appliances   without  class   II  substances.   If  the

Administrator finds, after notice  and opportunity for public comment,

that  as   a  result   of  technological  development   problems,  the

development of  such alternative  systems or  products will  not occur

within  the  time necessary  to provide  for  the manufacture  of such

equipment without  such substances  prior to the  applicable deadlines

under  section 605, the Administrator shall, not later than January 1,

2015, so inform the Congress.

   "(f)   Emergency    Report.-If,   in    consultation   with    the

Administrators of the  National Aeronautics  and Space  Administration

and  the National  Oceanic and  Atmospheric Administration,  and after

notice   and  opportunity  for   public  comment,   the  Administrator

determines that the  global production, consumption, and  use of class

II substances are projected to  contribute to an atmospheric  chlorine

loading in excess of the base case  projections by more than \5/10\ths

parts per  billion, the  Administrator shall  so  inform the  Congress

immediately. The  determination referred to in  the preceding sentence

shall be  based on the monitoring under subsection (d) and updated not

less often than every 3 years.



   "(a) Production  Phase-Out.-Effective on  January 1  of each  year

specified in Table 2, it  shall be unlawful for any person  to produce

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