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any class I  substance in an annual quantity greater than the relevant

percentage specified in Table 2. The percentages in Table 2 refer to a

maximum  allowable production as a  percentage of the  quantity of the

substance produced by the person concerned in the baseline year.

   "Table 2

   "Date      Carbon tetrachloride Methyl chloroform  Other  class  I


   "1991           100%                 100%                  85%

   "1992           90%                  100%                  80%

   "1993           80%                  90%                   75%

   "1994           70%                  85%                   65%

   "1995           15%                  70%                   50%

   "1996           15%                  50%                   40%

   "1997           15%                  50%                   15%

   "1998           15%                  50%                   15%

   "1999           15%                  50%                   15%

   "2000           20%

   "2001           20%

   "(b)  Termination of Production  of Class  I Substances.-Effective

January 1, 2000 (January 1, 2002 in the case of methyl chloroform), it

shall be unlawful for any  person to produce any  amount of a class  I


   "(c) Regulations Regarding  Production and Consumption of  Class I

Substances.-The Administrator  shall promulgate regulations  within 10

months after the enactment of the Clean Air Act

Amendments of 1990 phasing out the production of class I substances in

accordance  with this section and other  applicable provisions of this

title. The  Administrator shall also promulgate  regulations to insure

that the  consumption of class  I substances  in the United  States is

phased  out  and  terminated  in accordance  with  the  same  schedule

(subject to the same exceptions and other provisions) as is applicable

to the phase-out and  termination of production of class  I substances

under this title.

   "(d) Exceptions for  Essential Uses of Methyl  Chloroform, Medical

Devices, and Aviation Safety.-

      "(1) Essential  uses of methyl  chloroform.-Notwithstanding the

   termination of production  required by subsection (b),  during the

   period beginning  on January  1, 2002,  and ending  on January  1,

   2005, the Administrator,  after notice and opportunity  for public

   comment,  may, to  the extent such  action is  consistent with the

   Montreal Protocol, authorize the production  of limited quantities

   of  methyl chloroform  solely for  use  in essential  applications

   (such as  nondestructive testing for  metal fatigue and  corrosion

   of existing  airplane engines  and airplane  parts susceptible  to

   metal fatigue)  for  which  no safe  and  effective substitute  is

   available.   Notwithstanding  this  paragraph,  the  authority  to

   produce  methyl chloroform  for use  in medical  devices  shall be

   provided in accordance with paragraph (2).

      "(2)  Medical  devices.-Notwithstanding   the  termination   of

   production  required by  subsection (b),  the Administrator, after

   notice and  opportunity for public comment,  shall, to  the extent

   such action  is consistent with  the Montreal Protocol,  authorize

   the production of limited quantities of class I  substances solely

   for use in  medical devices if such authorization is determined by

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