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halon-1211, halon-1301,  and halon-2402  in the period  after December

31,  1999, and before December  31, 2004, solely  for purposes of fire

suppression  or  explosion  prevention  in  association  with domestic

production of crude  oil and natural gas energy supplies  on the North

Slope of  Alaska,  if  the  Administrator, in  consultation  with  the

Administrator  of  the United  States Fire  Administration, determines

that no safe and effective substitute has been developed and that such

authorization   is  necessary  for   fire  suppression  and  explosion

prevention purposes. The Administrator  shall not authorize production

under  the  paragraph  for  purposes  of  fire  safety  or   explosion

prevention  training  or  testing  of fire  suppression  or  explosion

prevention equipment.  In no  event shall the  Administrator authorize

under this paragraph any person to produce any such halon in an amount

greater  than 3  percent of  that produced  by such person  during the

baseline year.



   "(a) Restriction of Use of Class  II Substances.-Effective January

1, 2015, it shall be unlawful for any person to introduce

into interstate commerce  or use  any class II  substance unless  such


      "(1) has been used, recovered, and recycled;

      "(2)  is   used  and   entirely  consumed  (except   for  trace

   quantities) in the production of other chemicals; or

      "(3) is used as a refrigerant in  appliances manufactured prior

   to  January 1,  2020.    As  used  in this  subsection,  the  term

   `refrigerant' means any class  II substance used for heat transfer

   in a refrigerating system.

   "(b)  Production  Phase-Out.-(1)  Effective  January  1,  2015, it

shall be unlawful for any person  to produce any class II substance in

an annual  quantity  greater  than  the  quantity  of  such  substance

produced by such person during the baseline year.

   "(2)  Effective January  1,  2030, it  shall  be unlawful  for any

person to produce any class II substance.

   "(c) Regulations Regarding Production and Consumption  of Class II

Substances.-By December 31,  1999, the Administrator  shall promulgate

regulations phasing  out the production,  and restricting the  use, of

class  II substances in accordance  with this section,  subject to any

acceleration of  the phase-out of  production under  section 606.  The

Administrator  shall also  promulgate regulations  to insure  that the

consumption of class II substances in the United  States is phased out

and  terminated in accordance with  the same schedule  (subject to the

same  exceptions  and  other  provisions)  as  is  applicable  to  the

phase-out and  termination of production of class  II substances under

this title.

   "(d) Exceptions.-

      "(1) Medical devices.-

         "(A)  In   general.-Notwithstanding   the   termination   of

      production required under subsection (b)(2) and the restriction

      on use referred  to in subsection (a), the Administrator, after

      notice and opportunity for public comment, shall, to the extent

      such action is consistent with the Montreal Protocol, authorize

      the  production  and use  of  limited  quantities of  class  II

      substances  solely for  purposes of  use in medical  devices if

      such  authorization  is  determined  by  the  Commissioner,  in

      consultation with the Administrator, to be necessary for use in

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