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      medical devices.

         "(B)  Cap  on  exception.-Under  no  circumstances  may  the

      authority set forth in subparagraph (A) be applied to authorize

      any person to produce a class II substance in annual quantities

      greater  than 10 percent of that produced by such person during

      the baseline year.

      "(2) Developing countries.-

         "(A)   In   general.-Notwithstanding   the   provisions   of

      subsection  (a) or  (b),  the Administrator,  after notice  and

      opportunity for public comment, may authorize the production of

      limited quantities of  a class  II substance in  excess of  the

      quantities otherwise permitted under such provisions solely for

      export to and use  in developing countries that are  Parties to

      the Montreal Protocol, as determined by the Administrator.  Any

      production authorized under this subsection shall be solely for

      purposes  of  satisfying  the  basic  domestic  needs  of  such


         "(B) Cap  on exception.-(i)  Under no  circumstances may the

      authority set forth in subparagraph (A) be applied to authorize

      any  person to  produce  a  class  II  substance  in  any  year

      following the  effective date  of subsection (b)(1)  and before

      the  year 2030 in annual quantities greater than 110 percent of

      the quantity of such substance  produced by such person  during

      the baseline year.

         "(ii)  Under no circumstances may the authority set forth in

      subparagraph (A) be applied to  authorize any person to produce

      a class II substance in the  year 2030, or any year thereafter,

      in an annual quantity  greater than 15 percent of  the quantity

      of such substance  produced by such person during  the baseline


         "(iii) Each exception  authorized under this paragraph shall

      terminate no later than January 1, 2040.


   "(a) In  General.-The Administrator shall promulgate  regulations,

after notice  and opportunity  for public  comment, which  establish a

schedule for phasing out the production and consumption of class I and

class  II substances  (or use  of class  II substances)  that  is more

stringent than set forth in section 604 or 605, or both, if-

      "(1)  based on  an  assessment of  credible current  scientific

   information   (including  any   assessment  under   the   Montreal

   Protocol) regarding  harmful effects  on  the stratospheric  ozone

   layer  associated  with a  class  I  or  class  II substance,  the

   Administrator determines that such more stringent  schedule may be

   necessary  to protect  human health  and  the environment  against

   such effects,

      "(2)  based  on  the  availability of  substitutes  for  listed

   substances, the Administrator determines that  such more stringent

   schedule  is  practicable,  taking   into  account   technological

   achievability, safety, and other relevant factors, or

      "(3) the Montreal Protocol is modified to include a schedule to

   control  or  reduce   production,  consumption,  or  use   of  any

   substance more  rapidly than  the applicable  schedule under  this

   title.  In  making any determination under paragraphs (1) and (2),

   the  Administrator  shall  consider  the  status   of  the  period

   remaining under the applicable schedule under this title.

   "(b)  Petition.-Any  person  may  petition  the  Administrator  to

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