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   "(c) Servicing  Motor Vehicle  Air Conditioners.-Effective January

1,  1992,  no  person  repairing  or  servicing  motor  vehicles   for

consideration may perform any service on a motor vehicle air condi-

tioner  involving the  refrigerant  for such  air conditioner  without

properly using  approved refrigerant  recycling equipment and  no such

person may perform such  service unless such person has  been properly

trained and certified. The requirements of the previous sentence shall

not apply until January  1, 1993 in the case of  a person repairing or

servicing  motor  vehicles  for   consideration  at  an  entity  which

performed  service on  fewer than 100  motor vehicle  air conditioners

during calendar year 1990 and if such person so certifies, pursuant to

subsection (d)(2), to the Administrator by Janu- ary 1, 1992.

   "(d) Certification.-(1) Effective  2 years after the  enactment of

the Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990, each person  performing service

on motor vehicle  air conditioners for consideration shall  certify to

the Administrator either-

      "(A)  that such  person has  acquired, and  is  properly using,

   approved  refrigerant  recycling  equipment  in  service on  motor

   vehicle  air  conditioners involving  refrigerant  and  that  each

   individual authorized  by such person to  perform such  service is

   properly trained and certified; or

      "(B) that such person  is performing such service at  an entity

   which serviced fewer  than 100  motor vehicle air  conditioners in


   "(2) Effective January  1, 1993, each person  who certified  under

paragraph (1)(B) shall submit a certification under paragraph (1)(A).

   "(3) Each  certification under this  subsection shall contain  the

name  and address of the  person certifying under  this subsection and

the  serial number  of  each  unit  of  approved  recycling  equipment

acquired by  such person and shall be signed and attested by the owner

or another responsible officer.  Certifications under paragraph (1)(A)

may  be   made  by  submitting   the  required   information  to   the

Administrator on  a  standard form  provided  by the  manufacturer  of

certified refrigerant recycling equipment.

   "(e)    Small   Containers    of    Class    I   or    Class    II

Substances.-Effective 2 years after  the date of the enactment  of the

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, it shall be unlawful  for any person

to  sell  or  distribute,  or  offer  for  sale  or  distribution,  in

interstate  commerce to  any person  (other than  a person  performing

service for consideration on motor vehicle air-conditioning systems in

compliance with this section)  any class I or class II  substance that

is   suitable  for   use  as   a  refrigerant   in  a   motor  vehicle

air-conditioning system and that is in a container which contains less

than 20 pounds of such refrigerant.


   "(a)  Regulations.-The Administrator  shall promulgate regulations

to carry out the requirements of  this section within 1 year after the

enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

   "(b)  Nonessential Products.-The  regulations  under  this section

shall identify  nonessential products that release  class I substances

into   the  environment  (including   any  release   occurring  during

manufacture,  use, storage, or disposal)  and prohibit any person from

selling or distributing any such product, or offering any such product

for sale or distribution,  in interstate commerce. At a  minimum, such

prohibition shall apply to-

      "(1) chlorofluorocarbon-propelled plastic  party streamers  and

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