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   noise horns,

      "(2)   chlorofluorocarbon-containing    cleaning   fluids   for

   noncommercial electronic and photographic equipment, and

      "(3)  other  consumer  products  that  are  determined  by  the


         "(A)  to release  class  I substances  into  the environment

      (including  any  release  occurring  during  manufacture,  use,

      storage, or disposal), and

         "(B) to be  nonessential.  In determining  whether a product

      is nonessential, the  Administrator shall consider the  purpose

      or intended use of  the product, the technological availability

      of substitutes for such product and for such class I substance,

      safety, health, and other relevant factors.

   "(c) Effective  Date.-Effective 24 months  after the enactment  of

the Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990, it shall  be unlawful for  any

person to  sell or distribute,  or offer for sale  or distribution, in

interstate  commerce  any nonessential  product  to  which regulations

under subsection (a) implementing subsection (b) are applicable.

   "(d) Other Products.-(1)  Effective January  1, 1994, it  shall be

unlawful for  any person to sell  or distribute, or offer  for sale or

distribution, in interstate commerce-

      "(A) any  aerosol product or other  pressurized dispenser which

   contains a class II substance; or

      "(B)   any  plastic   foam  product   which  contains,   or  is

   manufactured with, a class II substance.

   "(2) The Administrator is authorized to grant  exceptions from the

prohibition under subparagraph (A) of paragraph (1) where-

      "(A) the use of the aerosol product or pressurized dispenser is

   determined  by the  Administrator to be  essential as  a result of

   flammability or worker safety concerns, and

      "(B)  the only  available  alternative to  use  of a  class  II

   substance is  use of  a class I  substance which legally  could be

   substituted for such class II substance.

   "(3) Subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) shall not apply to-

      "(A) a foam insulation product, or

      "(B) an integral  skin, rigid, or  semi-rigid foam utilized  to

   provide  for motor vehicle safety in accordance with Federal Motor

   Vehicle  Safety Standards  where no  adequate substitute substance

   (other  than a class I  or class II  substance) is practicable for

   effectively meeting such Standards.

   "(e)  Medical Devices.-Nothing in this  section shall apply to any

medical device as defined in section 601(8).


   "(a)  Regulations.-The Administrator  shall promulgate regulations

to  implement  the labeling  requirements  of this  section  within 18

months after enactment  of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, after

notice and opportunity for public comment.

   "(b)  Containers Containing  Class I  or Class  II  Substances and

Products Containing Class I  Substances.-Effective 30 months after the

enactment  of the Clean  Air Act Amendments  of 1990, no  container in

which a class I or class II substance is stored or transported, and no

product containing a class I substance, shall

be  introduced  into interstate  commerce  unless it  bears  a clearly

legible and conspicuous label stating:

      " `Warning:  Contains [insert  name of substance],  a substance

   which  harms public health and environment  by destroying ozone in

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