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   "(b) New Designations and Reclassifications.-

      "(1)  New  designations  to  nonattainment.-Any  area  that  is

   designated  attainment or  unclassifiable for  ozone under section

   107(d)(4), and that  is subsequently redesignated to nonattainment

   for  ozone under  section  107(d)(3), shall,  at  the time  of the

   redesignation, be  classified by  operation of  law in  accordance

   with table  1 under  subsection (a). Upon  its classification, the

   area shall be  subject to the same requirements under section 110,

   subpart 1  of this part, and this  subpart that would have applied

   had the area  been so classified at  the time of the  notice under

   subsection   (a)(3),  except   that  any   absolute,   fixed  date

   applicable  in connection with any such requirement is extended by

   operation of law by a period equal  to the length of time  between

   the  date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

   and the date the area is classified under this paragraph.

      "(2)  Reclassification  upon failure  to  attain.-(A) Within  6

   months  following  the applicable  attainment date  (including any

   extension   thereof)  for   an  ozone   nonattainment   area,  the

   Administrator shall  determine, based on  the area's design  value

   (as  of  the  attainment  date), whether  the  area  attained  the

   standard by  that date. Except for any Severe or Extreme area, any

   area  that the Administrator finds  has not  attained the standard

   by  that  date  shall  be  reclassified  by  operation  of  law in

   accordance with table 1 of subsection (a) to the higher of-

         "(i) the next higher classification for the area, or  

         "(ii)  the classification  applicable to  the  area's design

      value  as determined at the  time of the  notice required under

      subparagraph (B).

   No area shall be reclassified as Extreme under clause (ii).

      "(B) The  Administrator shall publish  a notice in  the Federal

   Register,  no later than 6  months following  the attainment date,

   identifying each area that the Administrator  has determined under

   subparagraph (A)  as having failed  to attain and identifying  the

   reclassification, if any, described under subparagraph (A).  

      "(3) Voluntary reclassification.-The Administrator  shall grant

   the  request of  any State to  reclassify a  nonattainment area in

   that State  in accordance  with  table 1  of subsection  (a) to  a

   higher  classification. The  Administrator shall  publish a notice

   in the Federal Register  of any such request and of action  by the

   Administrator granting the request.

      "(4) Failure  of severe  areas to  attain standard.-(A) If  any

   Severe  Area fails  to achieve  the national  primary ambient  air

   quality  standard for  ozone  by  the applicable  attainment  date

   (including  any  extension  thereof),  the  fee  provisions  under

   section 185 shall apply within the area, the percent reduction

   requirements  of  section   182(c)(2)(B)  and  (C)   (relating  to

   reasonable further progress  demonstration and NOx control)  shall

   continue  to apply  to the area,  and the  State shall demonstrate

   that  such  percent reduction  has been  achieved  in  each 3-year

   interval after  such failure until  the standard is attained.  Any

   failure  to make  such  a demonstration  shall  be subject  to the

   sanctions provided under this part.

      "(B) In  addition to the  requirements of subparagraph  (A), if

   the  ozone  design   value  for  a  Severe  Area  referred  to  in

   subparagraph  (A)  is   above  0.140  ppm  for  the  year  of  the

   applicable attainment date, or if  the area has failed  to achieve

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