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   include an  inventory of  methane emissions  associated with  such

   activities within the  United States. Such emissions  include, but

   are  not limited  to,  accidental  and intentional  releases  from

   natural gas and  oil wells, pipelines, processing  facilities, and

   gas  burners.  The  report  shall  also include  an  inventory  of

   methane generation with such activities.

      (2)   Methane  emissions   associated  with   coal  extraction,

   transportation, distribution, storage, and use. Such report  shall

   include an  inventory of  methane emissions  associated with  such

   activities within the  United States. Such emissions  include, but

   are  not limited  to,  accidental  and intentional  releases  from

   mining  shafts,  degasification  wells,  gas  recovery  wells  and

   equipment,  and from  the processing and  use of  coal. The report

   shall also  include an  inventory of methane  generation with such


      (3)  Methane  emissions  associated with  management  of  solid

   waste.  Such  report   shall  include  an  inventory   of  methane

   emissions  associated with  all forms  of waste management  in the

   United States, including storage, treatment, and disposal.

      (4) Methane emissions associated with  agriculture. Such report

   shall include  an inventory of  methane emissions associated  with

   rice and livestock production in the United States.

      (5)  Methane emissions  associated with  biomass  burning. Such

   report shall include an inventory of  methane emissions associated

   with  the  intentional  burning  of   agricultural  wastes,  wood,

   grasslands, and forests.

      (6) Other methane  emissions associated with human  activities.

   Such report  shall identify and  inventory other domestic  sources

   of  methane emissions  that are  deemed  by the  Administrator and

   other such agencies to be significant.

   (c) International Studies.-

      (1)  Methane  emissions.-Not  later  than  2  years  after  the

   enactment of  this Act, the Administrator shall prepare and submit

   to the Congress a report on methane emissions from

   countries other than the United States. Such report  shall include

   inventories of  methane emissions  associated with the  activities

   listed in subsection (b).

      (2) Preventing increases  in methane concentrations.-Not  later

   than 2  years after the enactment  of this  Act, the Administrator

   shall prepare  and submit to the  Congress a  report that analyzes

   the   potential  for   preventing  an   increase  in   atmospheric

   concentrations of  methane from  activities and  sources in  other

   countries. Such report  shall identify and evaluate  the technical

   options for reducing methane emission from each of  the activities

   listed in subsection (b), as  well as other activities  or sources

   that  are deemed by the  Administrator in  consultation with other

   relevant Federal  agencies and departments  to be significant  and

   shall include  an evaluation of  costs. The report shall  identify

   the  emissions  reductions  that  would  need to  be  achieved  to

   prevent increasing  atmospheric  concentrations  of  methane.  The

   report  shall  also  identify  technology  transfer  programs that

   could  promote  methane emissions  reductions in  lesser developed


   (d) Natural Sources.-Not  later than  2 years after  the enactment

of  this  Act,  the Administrator  shall  prepare  and  submit to  the

Congress a report on-

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