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   finds that  any person  has violated  or is  in  violation of  any

   requirement or  prohibition of an  applicable implementation  plan

   or  permit, the  Administrator  shall notify  the person  and  the

   State  in which  the  plan applies  of such  finding. At  any time

   after the expiration of  30 days following the date  on which such

   notice  of a violation is  issued, the  Administrator may, without

   regard to  the period  of violation  (subject to  section 2462  of

   title 28 of the United States Code)-

         "(A) issue an order requiring such person to comply with the

      requirements or prohibitions of such plan or permit,

         "(B)  issue an  administrative  penalty order  in accordance

      with subsection (d), or

         "(C) bring a civil action in accordance with subsection (b).

      "(2) State failure to  enforce sip or permit program.-Whenever,

   on the basis of information  available to  the  Administrator, the

   Administrator   finds   that   violations    of   an    applicable

   implementation plan  or an approved  permit program under title  V

   are  so widespread  that such violations  appear to  result from a

   failure of the State  in which the plan or permit  program applies

   to  enforce   the  plan   or  permit   program  effectively,   the

   Administrator shall so  notify the State. In the  case of a permit

   program, the notice shall be  made in accordance with title  V. If

   the Administrator  finds such failure extends  beyond the 30th day

   after such notice  (90 days in the  case of such permit  program),

   the  Administrator  shall  give public  notice  of  such  finding.

   During the  period beginning  with such public  notice and  ending

   when  such State satisfies the  Administrator that it will enforce

   such  plan  or  permit  program  (hereafter  referred  to in  this

   section as `period of federally assumed enforcement'), the

   Administrator may enforce  any requirement or prohibition  of such

   plan or permit program with respect to any person by-

         "(A) issuing  an order requiring such person  to comply with

      such requirement or prohibition,

         "(B) issuing an  administrative penalty order in  accordance

      with subsection (d), or

         "(C) bringing  a civil action  in accordance with subsection


      "(3)  EPA  enforcement  of  other  requirements.-Except  for  a

   requirement  or  prohibition  enforceable   under  the   preceding

   provisions of  this  subsection,  whenever, on  the  basis of  any

   information  available  to  the  Administrator, the  Administrator

   finds that any  person has violated,  or is  in violation of,  any

   other requirement  or prohibition  of this title,  section 303  of

   title III,  title IV,  title V,  or title VI,  including, but  not

   limited to,  a  requirement  or  prohibition of  any  rule,  plan,

   order, waiver,  or permit promulgated,  issued, or approved  under

   those provisions or titles, or  for the payment of any fee owed to

   the United  States  under this  Act  (other  than title  II),  the

   Administrator may-

         "(A)  issue an  administrative  penalty order  in accordance

      with subsection (d),

         "(B) issue  an order  requiring such  person to  comply with

      such requirement or prohibition,

         "(C) bring a civil action in accordance with  subsection (b)

      or section 305, or

         "(D)  request the  Attorney General  to commence  a criminal

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