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      action in accordance with subsection (c).

      "(4)  Requirements  for  orders.-An  order  issued  under  this

   subsection  (other  than  an  order  relating  to  a  violation of

   section  112) shall not take effect until the person to whom it is

   issued has  had an  opportunity to confer  with the  Administrator

   concerning  the  alleged  violation. A  copy  of any  order issued

   under  this subsection  shall be sent  to the  State air pollution

   control  agency of  any State in  which the  violation occurs. Any

   order issued  under this  subsection shall  state with  reasonable

   specificity  the nature  of the violation  and specify  a time for

   compliance  which  the  Administrator  determines  is  reasonable,

   taking into account  the seriousness of the violation and any good

   faith efforts to comply with  applicable requirements. In any case

   in which an order under this  subsection (or notice to a  violator

   under  paragraph (1)) is issued  to a corporation, a  copy of such

   order  (or  notice)  shall  be  issued  to  appropriate  corporate

   officers. An order issued  under this subsection shall require the

   person  to whom it  was issued  to comply with  the requirement as

   expeditiously  as  practicable, but  in no  event longer  than one

   year  after  the  date  the   order  was  issued,  and   shall  be

   nonrenewable. No order issued under this  subsection shall prevent

   the State or  the Administrator from assessing  any penalties  nor

   otherwise  affect  or  limit the  State's  or  the  United  States

   authority  to  enforce  under other  provisions  of this  Act, nor

   affect any  person's obligations  to  comply with  any section  of

   this Act or with  a term or condition of any permit  or applicable

   implementation plan promulgated or approved under this Act.

      "(5) Failure to comply with new source  requirements.-Whenever,

   on  the basis  of  any  available information,  the  Administrator

   finds  that  a   State  is  not  acting  in  compliance  with  any

   requirement   or  prohibition   of  the   Act   relating  to   the

   construction  of  new  sources or  the  modification  of  existing

   sources, the Administrator may-

         "(A)  issue   an  order  prohibiting   the  construction  or

      modification of  any major  stationary  source in  any area  to

      which such requirement applies;

         "(B)  issue an  administrative penalty  order in  accordance

      with subsection (d), or

         "(C) bring a civil action under subsection (b).  Nothing  in

      this   subsection  shall  preclude   the  United   States  from

      commencing a criminal  action under section 113(c)  at any time

      for any such violation.

   "(b)  Civil  Judicial  Enforcement.-The  Administrator  shall,  as

appropriate, in the  case of any person that is  the owner or operator

of  an  affected  source,  a  major  emitting  facility,  or  a  major

stationary source,  and may, in the case of any other person, commence

a  civil action for a permanent or  temporary injunction, or to assess

and recover a civil penalty of not more than  $25,000 per day for each

violation, or both, in any of the following instances:

      "(1)  Whenever such person has violated, or is in violation of,

   any requirement  or prohibition  of  an applicable  implementation

   plan  or permit.  Such an action shall be commenced (A) during any

   period of federally  assumed enforcement, or (B) more than 30 days

   following  the  date  of  the Administrator's  notification  under

   subsection  (a)(1)  that  such  person  has  violated,  or  is  in

   violation of, such requirement or prohibition.

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