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      "(2)  Whenever such person has violated, or is in violation of,

   any other requirement  or prohibition of this  title, section  303

   of title III, title  IV, title V, or title VI, including,  but not

   limited  to,  a  requirement or  prohibition  of any  rule, order,

   waiver or  permit promulgated, issued, or approved under this Act,

   or for the  payment of any fee  owed the United States  under this

   Act (other than title II).

      "(3) Whenever such  person attempts  to construct  or modify  a

   major stationary  source  in any  area  with  respect to  which  a

   finding under subsection (a)(5) has  been made.  Any  action under

   this subsection  may  be brought  in  the  district court  of  the

   United States for the district  in which the violation  is alleged

   to  have occurred,  or  is occurring,  or  in which  the defendant

   resides, or where  the defendant's principal place  of business is

   located, and such court shall  have jurisdiction to restrain  such

   violation, to  require compliance, to  assess such civil  penalty,

   to collect any fees owed  the United States under this  Act (other

   than title  II) and  any noncompliance  assessment and  nonpayment

   penalty   owed  under  section  120,   and  to   award  any  other

   appropriate  relief. Notice  of the  commencement  of such  action

   shall  be given  to the  appropriate State  air pollution  control

   agency.  In the  case of any  action brought  by the Administrator

   under this  subsection, the  court may  award costs  of litigation

   (including reasonable  attorney and  expert witness  fees) to  the

   party  or parties  against  whom such  action  was brought  if the

   court finds that such action was unreasonable.

   "(c)  Criminal Penalties.-(1)  Any  person who  knowingly violates

any requirement  or prohibition  of an applicable  implementation plan

(during  any period of federally  assumed enforcement or  more than 30

days  after  having been  notified  under  subsection  (a)(1)  by  the

Administrator  that  such  person  is violating  such  requirement  or

prohibition),  any  order  under   subsection  (a)  of  this  section,

requirement or  prohibition of section 111(e) of  this title (relating

to  new source  performance  standards), section  112  of this  title,

section 114 of this title (relating to inspections, etc.), section 129

of  this title (relating to solid waste combustion), section 165(a) of

this title (relating to  preconstruction requirements), an order under

section 167 of this  title (relating to preconstruction requirements),

an  order  under  section 303  of  title  III  (relating to  emergency

orders), section 502(a) or 503(c) of title V (relating to permits), or

any  requirement  or  prohibition  of  title  IV   (relating  to  acid

deposition  control), or  title  VI (relating  to stratospheric  ozone

control),  including a  requirement  of any  rule,  order, waiver,  or

permit  promulgated or  approved under  such sections  or titles,  and

including any requirement for the  payment of any fee owed  the United

States under this Act (other than title II) shall, upon conviction, be

punished by a fine pursuant to title 18 of  the United States Code, or

by imprisonment for not to exceed 5 years, or both. If a conviction of

any person  under this paragraph is for  a violation committed after a

first conviction  of  such person  under this  paragraph, the  maximum

punishment  shall be  doubled  with  respect  to  both  the  fine  and


   "(2) Any person who knowingly-

      "(A)  makes any  false material  statement,  representation, or

   certification  in,  or   omits  material   information  from,   or

   knowingly alters,  conceals, or  fails  to  file or  maintain  any

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