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282 / 316

   this Act,  or for the  payment of any fee  owed the United  States

   under this Act (other than title II); or

      "(C) attempts to  construct or modify a major stationary source

   in  any area  with  respect to  which  a finding  under subsection

   (a)(5)  of  this  section  has  been made.    The  Administrator's

   authority under this  paragraph shall be limited  to matters where

   the total  penalty sought does not  exceed $200,000  and the first

   alleged date  of violation occurred no  more than  12 months prior

   to the initiation of  the administrative action, except where  the

   Administrator and  the Attorney General  jointly determine that  a

   matter involving  a larger  penalty  amount  or longer  period  of

   violation is  appropriate for  administrative penalty action.  Any

   such determination by  the Administrator and the  Attorney General

   shall not be subject to judicial review.

      "(2)(A)  An administrative penalty assessed under paragraph (1)

   shall be  assessed by  the Administrator  by an  order made  after

   opportunity  for  a  hearing on  the  record  in  accordance  with


   554  and  556   of  title  5  of  the   United  States  Code.  The

   Administrator  shall  issue reasonable  rules  for  discovery  and

   other  procedures   for  hearings  under  this  paragraph.  Before

   issuing  such  an  order, the  Administrator  shall  give  written

   notice to the person to  be assessed an administrative  penalty of

   the Administrator's proposal to issue such order and provide  such

   person an  opportunity to  request such  a hearing  on the  order,

   within 30 days of the date the notice is received by such person.

      "(B) The  Administrator may compromise, modify,  or remit, with

   or without  conditions, any  administrative penalty  which may  be

   imposed under this subsection.

      "(3) The Administrator may  implement, after consultation  with

   the  Attorney General  and the  States, a  field  citation program

   through regulations establishing appropriate minor  violations for

   which  field citations  assessing civil  penalties  not to  exceed

   $5,000  per  day  of  violation  may  be  issued  by  officers  or

   employees designated  by the Administrator. Any  person to  whom a

   field  citation is  assessed  may,  within a  reasonable  time  as

   prescribed by the  Administrator through regulation, elect  to pay

   the penalty  assessment  or to  request  a  hearing on  the  field

   citation. If a request for a hearing  is not made within the  time

   specified  in the regulation, the penalty  assessment in the field

   citation shall  be final.  Such hearing  shall not  be subject  to

   section 554  or 556  of title  5 of  the United  States Code,  but

   shall provide a  reasonable opportunity to be heard and to present

   evidence. Payment of  a civil penalty required by a field citation

   shall not  be  a defense  to  further  enforcement by  the  United

   States or  a  State  to correct  a  violation,  or to  assess  the

   statutory maximum  penalty pursuant  to other  authorities in  the

   Act, if the violation continues.

      "(4)  Any person against whom a civil penalty is assessed under

   paragraph  (3) of  this subsection  or to  whom an  administrative

   penalty order  is issued  under paragraph  (1) of this  subsection

   may seek review of such  assessment in the United  States District

   Court for  the District of Columbia  or for the  district in which

   the violation  is alleged to have  occurred, in  which such person

   resides,  or where  such person's  principal place of  business is

   located, by  filing in  such court  within 30  days following  the

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