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   (a)  Civil  Penalties.-Section 304(a)  of  the  Clean Air  Act  is

amended by inserting immediately before the period at the end thereof:

",  and to apply any  appropriate civil penalties  (except for actions

under paragraph (2))".

   (b) Penalty  Fund.-Section 304 of the Clean  Air Act is amended by

adding the following new subsection after subsection (f):

      "(g) Penalty Fund.-(1) Penalties received under subsection  (a)

   shall  be  deposited  in  a  special  fund  in  the  United States

   Treasury  for licensing and other  services. Amounts  in such fund

   are  authorized to  be  appropriated  and shall  remain  available

   until  expended, for  use  by  the Administrator  to  finance  air

   compliance  and  enforcement  activities. The  Administrator shall

   annually report to  the Congress about the sums deposited into the

   fund,  the  sources thereof,  and  the  actual  and proposed  uses


      "(2)  Notwithstanding paragraph  (1)  the court  in any  action

   under  this  subsection  to  apply  civil   penalties  shall  have

   discretion to  order that such civil  penalties, in  lieu of being

   deposited in the  fund referred to  in paragraph  (1), be used  in

   beneficial mitigation projects which are consistent  with this Act

   and enhance the  public health or the environment. The court shall

   obtain  the   view  of  the   Administrator  in  exercising   such

   discretion and  selecting any  such projects.  The  amount of  any

   such payment in any such action shall not exceed $100,000.".

   (c)  Intervention by  EPA.-Paragraph (2) of  section 304(c) of the

Clean Air Act is amended to read as follows:

      "(2)  In any action  under this section,  the Administrator, if

   not a party,  may intervene as a  matter of  right at any time  in

   the proceeding.  A judgment  in an  action under  this section  to

   which the  United States is not  a party shall  not, however, have

   any binding effect upon the United States.".

   (d) Service  of Complaint; Consent  Judgments.-Section 304(c)   of

the Clean Air  Act is amended  by adding  the following new  paragraph

after paragraph (2):

      "(3)  Whenever  any action  is brought  under this  section the

   plaintiff shall  serve a  copy of  the complaint  on the  Attorney

   General of the  United States and on the Administrator. No consent

   judgment shall be  entered in an action brought under this section

   in which  the  United States  is not  a  party  prior to  45  days

   following the receipt of a  copy of the proposed  consent judgment

   by the  Attorney General and the  Administrator during  which time

   the Government  may submit  its comments on  the proposed  consent

   judgment  to the court and parties or may intervene as a matter of


   (e) Other Requirements.-Section  304(f) of  the Clean  Air Act  is

amended by striking  "any condition or  requirement of section  113(d)

(relating  to  certain  enforcement  orders)"  in  paragraph  (3),  by

striking "part  B of title I"  in paragraph (3) and  inserting in lieu

thereof "title VI", and by striking the period at the end of paragraph

(3) and inserting "; or" and  by adding the following new paragraph at

the end thereof:

      "(4) any other  standard, limitation,  or schedule  established

   under  any  permit  issued  pursuant  to  title  V  or  under  any

   applicable   State    implementation   plan    approved   by   the

   Administrator, any permit  term or condition, and  any requirement

   to obtain a permit as a condition of operations.".

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