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         "(B) Savings clause for vehicle inspection and maintenance.-

      (i)  For  any Marginal  Area  (or,  within the  Administrator's

      discretion,  portion  thereof),  the  plan  for  which  already

      includes,  or  was required  by  section  172(b)(11)(B) (as  in

      effect immediately  before the  date of  the enactment  of  the

      Clean  Air Act Amendments of 1990) to have included, a specific

      schedule  for  implementation  of a  vehicle  emission  control

      inspection  and  maintenance program,  the State  shall submit,

      immediately  after the date of  the enactment of  the Clean Air

      Act Amendments of 1990, a revision that includes any provisions

      necessary to  provide for a vehicle  inspection and maintenance

      program of no less  stringency than that of either  the program

      defined  in House  Report Numbered  95-294, 95th  Congress, 1st

      Session,  281-291  (1977) as  interpreted  in  guidance of  the

      Administrator issued  pursuant to section  172(b)(11)(B) (as in

      effect  immediately before  the  date of  the enactment  of the

      Clean Air  Act  Amendments  of  1990) or  the  program  already

      included in the plan, whichever is more stringent.

         "(ii)  Within 12 months  after the date of  the enactment of

      the Clean  Air Act Amendments of 1990,  the Administrator shall

      review, revise,  update, and republish in  the Federal Register

      the guidance  for the States  for motor vehicle  inspection and

      maintenance  programs   required  by  this  Act,   taking  into

      consideration the Administrator's  investigations and audits of

      such program.  The  guidance shall,  at  a minimum,  cover  the

      frequency of inspections, the types of vehicles to be inspected

      (which shall include leased vehicles that are registered in the

      nonattainment   area),  vehicle   maintenance  by   owners  and

      operators, audits  by the State, the test  method and measures,

      including  whether  centralized  or  decentralized,  inspection

      methods  and  procedures,  quality  of  inspection,  components

      covered, assurance that  a vehicle subject  to a recall  notice

      from  a  manufacturer  has   complied  with  that  notice,  and

      effective  implementation  and enforcement,  including ensuring

      that any retesting of  a vehicle after a failure  shall include

      proof of corrective action and  providing for denial of vehicle

      registration  in  the  case  of tampering  or  misfueling.  The

      guidance which  shall be  incorporated in the  applicable State


      tion  plans  by  the  States  shall  provide  the  States  with

      continued   reasonable   flexibility   to  fashion   effective,

      reasonable,  and fair  programs for  the affected  consumer. No

      later  than  2   years  after  the  Administrator   promulgates

      regulations  under  section  202(m)(3)  (relating  to  emission

      control diagnostics), the State shall submit a revision to such

      program  to meet  any requirements  that the  Administrator may

      prescribe under that section.

         "(C) Permit  programs.-Within 2 years after  the date of the

      enactment  of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990, the State

      shall submit a revision that includes each of the following:  

           "(i)  Provisions to  require permits,  in  accordance with

         sections  172(c)(5)  and  173,  for   the  construction  and

         operation of  each new  or modified  major stationary source

         (with respect to ozone) to be located in the area.

           "(ii)  Provisions  to  correct  requirements  in  (or  add

         requirements to) the plan concerning permit programs as were

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