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      "(2)  a  hazardous  air  pollutant listed  under  section  112,

   including  any  technology-based  standard   and  any   risk-based

   standard for such pollutant;

      "(3) emissions from mobile sources  regulated under title II of

   this Act;

      "(4)  a limitation  under  this  Act for  emissions  of  sulfur

   dioxide or nitrogen oxides;

      "(5) a limitation under  title VI of this Act on the production

   of any ozone-depleting substance; and

      "(6) any other section of this Act.

   "(b)  In  describing  the  benefits  of  a  standard described  in

subsection (a),  the Administrator shall consider all of the economic,

public health,  and environmental benefits  of efforts to  comply with

such standard. In any case where numerical values are assigned to such

benefits, a default assumption of zero value  shall not be assigned to

such  benefits unless  supported by  specific data.  The Administrator

shall assess how benefits are measured in order to assure that  damage

to  human health and the  environment is more  accurately measured and

taken into account.

   "(c)  In  describing   the  costs  of  a   standard  described  in

subsection (a), the Administrator  shall consider the effects of  such

standard on employment, productivity, cost of living, economic growth,

and the overall economy of the United States.

   "(d) Not later than  12 months after the date of enactment  of the

Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990, the Administrator,  in consultation

with  the Secretary  of  Commerce, the  Secretary  of Labor,  and  the

Council on Clean Air Compliance Analysis, shall submit a report to the

Congress that  summarizes  the results  of the  analysis described  in

subsection (a), which reports-

      "(1)  all costs incurred previous  to the date  of enactment of

   the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 in the  effort to comply with

   such standards; and

      "(2) all benefits  that have accrued to the  United States as a

   result of such costs.

   "(e) Not later than 24 months after  the date of enactment of  the

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, and every 24 months thereafter,  the

Administrator,  in consultation  with the  Secretary of  Commerce, the

Secretary  of Labor, and the Council on Clean Air Compliance Analysis,

shall submit a  report to the Congress that updates  the report issued

pursuant to subsection (d), and which, in addition,  makes projections

into  the future regarding expected costs, benefits, and other effects

of  compliance  with  standards pursuant  to  this  Act  as listed  in

subsection (a).

   "(f) Not later  than 6 months after  the date of enactment  of the

Clean Air  Act Amendments of 1990, the  Administrator, in consultation

with  the  Secretary of  Commerce and  the  Secretary of  Labor, shall

appoint  an Advisory Council on  Clean Air Compliance  Analysis of not

less than nine members (hereafter  in this section referred to  as the

`Council').  In  appointing  such  members,  the  Administrator  shall

appoint   recognized  experts  in   the  fields  of   the  health  and

environmental   effects   of   air   pollution,   economic   analysis,

environmental sciences,  and such other fields  that the Administrator

determines to be appropriate.

   "(g) The Council shall-

      "(1) review the data to be used for any analysis required under

   this section and make recommendations to the  Administrator on the

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