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authorized, in  cooperation  with  the Department  of  State  and  the

affected  States,  to  negotiate  with representatives  of  Mexico  to

authorize  a program  to monitor  and improve  air quality  in regions

along the border  between the  United States and  Mexico. The  program

established under this section shall not extend beyond July 1, 1995.

   (b) Monitoring and Remediation.-

      (1)  Monitoring.-The  monitoring   component  of  the   program

   conducted under this section shall identify  and determine sources

   of pollutants  for which  national ambient  air quality  standards

   (hereinafter  referred to as "NAAQS") and  other air quality goals

   have  been established  in regions  along the  border between  the

   United States  and Mexico.  Any such  monitoring component of  the

   program shall  include, but not be  limited to,  the collection of

   meteorological  data,   the  measurement   of  air  quality,   the

   compilation of an emissions inventory, and shall  be sufficient to

   the  extent  necessary  to  successfully  support  the  use  of  a

   state-of-the-art  mathematical  air modeling  analysis.  Any  such

   monitoring  component of  the program  shall  collect and  produce

   data  projecting the  level of  emission  reductions necessary  in

   both  Mexico and  the United States  to bring  about attainment of

   both primary and  secondary NAAQS, and other air quality goals, in

   regions  along  the   border  in  the  United   States.  Any  such

   monitoring component  of the program shall  include to  the extent

   possible,  data  from  monitoring  programs  undertaken  by  other


      (2) Remediation.-The  Administrator is authorized  to negotiate

   with  appropriate  representatives  of  Mexico  to  develop  joint

   remediation measures  to reduce the  level of airborne  pollutants

   to achieve  and maintain  primary and secondary  NAAQS, and  other


   quality  goals,  in regions  along the  border between  the United

   States and  Mexico. Such joint  remediation measures may  include,

   but not  be limited  to  measures  included in  the  Environmental

   Protection Agency's  Control  Techniques  and  Control  Technology

   documents. Any such remediation program shall  also identify those

   control  measures  implementation  of which  in  Mexico  would  be

   expedited by the use of  material and financial assistance  of the

   United States.

   (c)  Annual  Reports.-The  Administrator  shall,   each  year  the

program authorized in this section is in operation, report to Congress

on the progress of  the program in bringing nonattainment  areas along

the  border  of the  United States  into  attainment with  primary and

secondary NAAQS.  The report  issued by  the Administrator under  this

paragraph  shall  include  recommendations on  funding  mechanisms  to

assist in implementation of monitoring and remediation efforts.

   (d)  Funding   and   Personnel.-The   Administrator   may,   where

appropriate, make  available,  subject  to  the  appropriations,  such

funds, personnel, and equipment  as may be necessary to  implement the

provisions  of  this section.  In those  cases where  direct financial

assistance of  the United States  is provided to  implement monitoring

and remediation programs  in  Mexico, the Administrator  shall develop

grant agreements with appropriate representatives of  Mexico to assure

the accuracy and  completeness of monitoring data  and the performance

of  remediation measures which are financed by the United States. With

respect to any  control measures within   Mexico funded by  the United

States, the  Administrator shall,  to the maximum  extent practicable,

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