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         required under section  172(b)(6) (as in  effect immediately

         before  the date  of  the  enactment of  the Clean  Air  Act

         Amendments of  1990), as  interpreted in  regulations of the

         Administrator promulgated as of the date of the enactment of

         the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

      "(3) Periodic inventory.-

         "(A)  General requirement.-No  later  than the  end  of each

      3-year period after submission of the inventory under paragraph

      (1)  until the  area is  redesignated to attainment,  the State

      shall submit  a revised  inventory meeting the  requirements of

      subsection (a)(1).

         "(B) Emissions statements.-(i) Within 2 years after the date

      of the enactment of  the Clean Air Act Amendments of  1990, the

      State shall submit  a revision to the State implementation plan

      to require that the owner or operator of each stationary source

      of oxides of nitrogen or volatile organic compounds provide the

      State with a statement,  in such form as the  Administrator may

      prescribe (or accept an equivalent alternative developed by the

      State),  for  classes or  categories  of  sources, showing  the

      actual  emissions of  oxides of  nitrogen and  volatile organic

      compounds  from that source. The first  such statement shall be

      submitted within 3 years after the date of the enactment of the

      Clean Air  Act Amendments of 1990.  Subsequent statements shall

      be  submitted at  least  every year  thereafter. The  statement

      shall contain a certification that the information contained in

      the  statement  is  accurate  to  the  best  knowledge  of  the

      individual certifying the statement.

         "(ii) The State  may waive the application of clause  (i) to

      any class or  category of  stationary sources  which emit  less

      than 25 tons per  year of volatile organic compounds  or oxides

      of   nitrogen  if   the   State,  in   its  submissions   under

      subparagraphs (1) or (3)(A), provides an inventory of emissions

      from such class or category of sources, based on the

      use of the emission factors established by the Administrator or

      other methods acceptable to the Administrator.

      "(4) General offset requirement.-For purposes of satisfying the

   emission  offset requirements  of this  part, the  ratio  of total

   emission  reductions  of   volatile  organic  compounds  to  total

   increased emissions  of such air pollutant  shall be  at least 1.1

   to 1.

The  Administrator may,  in  the Administrator's  discretion,  require

States to submit  a schedule  for submitting any  of the revisions  or

other items required under  this subsection. The requirements  of this

subsection  shall  apply in  lieu of  any  requirement that  the State

submit  a   demonstration  that  the  applicable  implementation  plan

provides for  attainment  of  the ozone  standard  by  the  applicable

attainment date in  any Marginal Area. Section  172(c)(9) (relating to

contingency measures) shall not apply to Marginal Areas.

   "(b)  Moderate  Areas.-Each  State  in  which  all  or  part  of a

Moderate Area is  located shall,  with respect to  the Moderate  Area,

make  the  submissions described  under  subsection  (a) (relating  to

Marginal Areas), and shall also submit the revisions to the applicable

implementation plan described under this subsection.        "(1)  Plan


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