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   interstate transport of  air pollutants  from one  or more  States

   contributes  significantly  to visibility  impairment  in  class I

   areas  located  in  the affected  States,  the  Administrator  may

   establish a  transport region  for such  pollutants that  includes

   such  States.  The  Administrator,  upon  the Administrator's  own

   motion or upon petition from  the Governor of any  affected State,

   or upon the recommendations of a  transport commission established

   under subsection (b) of this section may-

         "(A)  add any State  or portion  of a State to  a visibility

      transport  region when  the Administrator  determines that  the

      interstate  transport   of  air  pollutants  from   such  State

      significantly contributes to visibility impairment in a class I

      area located within the transport region, or

         "(B) remove any State or portion of a State from the  region

      whenever  the  Administrator has  reason  to  believe that  the

      control  of emissions  in that  State or  portion of  the State

      pursuant to this section will not significantly contrib-

      ute to the protection or enhancement of visibility in any class

      I area in the region.

      "(2)    Visibility    transport    commissions.-Whenever    the

   Administrator establishes  a  transport  region  under  subsection

   (c)(1),  the Administrator shall establish  a transport commission

   comprised of (as a minimum) each of the following members:

         "(A) the Governor of each State in the  Visibility Transport

      Region, or the Governor's designee;

         "(B) The Administrator or the Administrator's designee; and

         "(C) A  representative of  each Federal  agency charged with

      the direct management of each class I area  or areas within the

      Visibility Transport Region.

      "(3) All representatives  of the Federal Government shall be ex

   officio members.

      "(4) The visibility transport  commissions shall be exempt from

   the requirements of  the Federal Advisory Committee  Act (5 U.S.C.

   Appendix 2, Section 1).

   "(d)  Duties  of  Visibility  Transport Commissions.-A  Visibility

Transport Commission-

      "(1) shall  assess the scientific and  technical data, studies,

   and  other  currently  available  information,  including  studies

   conducted  pursuant to  subsection  (a)(1), pertaining  to adverse

   impacts  on  visibility  from potential  or  projected  growth  in

   emissions  from   sources  located  in  the  Visibility  Transport

   Region; and

      "(2)  shall, within 4 years of establishment, issue a report to

   the Administrator  recommending what measures,  if any, should  be

   taken under the Clean Air Act to remedy such adverse impacts.  The

   report  required by  this  subsection shall  address at  least the

   following measures:

         "(A)  the establishment  of  clean air  corridors,  in which

      additional  restrictions  on  increases  in  emissions  may  be

      appropriate to protect visibility in affected class I areas;

         "(B)  the imposition of  the requirements of part  D of this

      title  affecting  the  construction  of  new  major  stationary

      sources  or major  modifications  to existing  sources in  such

      clean  air corridors  specifically  including  the  alternative

      siting analysis provisions of section 173(a)(5); and

         "(C) the  promulgation of regulations  under section 169A to

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