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   the Administrator shall  develop methods and techniques  necessary

   to  identify  and assess  the  risks  to  human  health from  both

   routine and accidental exposures to individual  air pollutants and

   combinations  thereof.  Such research  program  shall  include the

   following elements:

         "(A) The creation of an Interagency Task Force to coordinate

      such program.  The Task Force shall  include representatives of

      the National  Institute for Environmental Health  Sciences, the

      Environmental   Protection   Agency,  the   Agency   for  Toxic

      Substances  and  Disease   Registry,  the  National  Toxicology

      Program, the  National Institute  of Standards and  Technology,

      the National  Science Foundation, the Surgeon  General, and the

      Department  of Energy.  This  Interagency Task  Force shall  be

      chaired  by  a representative  of the  Environmental Protection

      Agency and shall convene its first meeting within 60 days after

      the date of enactment of this subparagraph.

         "(B)  An evaluation,  within  12  months after  the  date of

      enactment  of  this paragraph,  of  each of  the  hazardous air

      pollutants listed under section 112(b) of this Act,  to decide,

      on the basis of  available information, their relative priority

      for preparation of environmental health assessments pursuant to

      subparagraph (C).  The evaluation shall be  based on reasonably

      anticipated  toxicity to  humans and  exposure factors  such as

      frequency  of  occurrence as  an  air pollutant  and  volume of

      emissions in populated areas. Such evaluation shall be reviewed

      by   the  Interagency  Task   Force  established   pursuant  to

      subparagraph (A).

         "(C)  Preparation of  environmental  health  assessments for

      each   of  the   hazardous  air   pollutants  referred   to  in

      subparagraph (B), beginning 6 months after the first meeting of

      the Interagency Task Force and to be completed within 96 months

      thereafter. No fewer than 24 assessments shall be completed and

      published  annually.  The  assessments  shall  be  prepared  in

      accordance with  guidelines developed  by the  Administrator in

      consultation with  the Interagency  Task Force and  the Science

      Advisory  Board of  the Environmental  Protection  Agency. Each

      such assessment shall include-

           "(i) an examination, summary, and evaluation  of available

         toxicological  and  epidemiological   information  for   the

         pollutant to  ascertain the  levels of  human exposure which

         pose a significant threat to human health and the associated

         acute, subacute, and chronic adverse health effects;

           "(ii)  a determination  of gaps  in available  information

         related to human health effects and exposure levels; and

           "(iii) where  appropriate, an identification of additional

         activities, including toxicological  and inhalation testing,

         needed to identify the types or levels of exposure which may

         present  significant  risk  of  adverse  health  effects  in


      "(e) Ecosystem  Research.-In carrying  out subsection  (a), the

   Administrator, in cooperation, where  appropriate, with the  Under

   Secretary of Commerce for Oceans  and Atmosphere, the Director  of

   the Fish and  Wildlife Service, and the Secretary  of Agriculture,

   shall conduct a research  program to improve understanding of  the

   short-term   and  long-term   causes,  effects,   and  trends   of


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