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   of Environmental Health  Sciences may  conduct a program  of basic

   research to  identify, characterize, and  quantify risks to  human

   health  from air  pollutants.  Such  research shall  be  conducted

   primarily   through  a  combination  of   university  and  medical

   school-based grants,  as well  as through  intramural studies  and


      "(2) The  Director of  the National Institute  of Environmental

   Health  Sciences shall  conduct a  program for  the education  and

   training of physicians in environmental health.

      "(3) The  Director shall assure  that such  programs shall  not

   conflict with research undertaken by the Administrator.

      "(4) There are  authorized to be  appropriated to the  National

   Institute of  Environmental Health  Sciences such sums  as may  be

   necessary to carry out the purposes of this subsection.

      "(i)  Coordination of Research.-The Administrator shall develop

   and  implement a plan  for identifying  areas in  which activities

   authorized under  this section can  be carried out in  conjunction

   with other Federal ecological and air  pollution research efforts.

   The  plan, which  shall be submitted  to Congress  within 6 months

   after the date of enactment of this subsection, shall include-

         "(1)  an  assessment  of  ambient  monitoring  stations  and

      networks to determine cost  effective ways to expand monitoring

      capabilities in both urban and rural environments;

         "(2) a  consideration of the extent  of the  feasibility and

      scientific  value of  conducting  the  research  program  under

      subsection  (e)  to include  consideration  of  the effects  of

      atmospheric processes and air pollution effects; and

         "(3)  a  methodology for  evaluating  and ranking  pollution

      prevention   technologies,  such   as  those   developed  under

      subsection (g),  in  terms  of  their ability  to  reduce  cost

      effectively the emissions of  air pollutants and other airborne

      chemicals of concern.

      Not  later than  2 years after  the date  of enactment  of this

   subsection, and every 4 years thereafter,  the Administrator shall

   report to Congress on the  progress made in implementing  the plan

   developed under this subsection, and shall include in  such report

   any revisions of the plan.

      "(j) Continuation of the National Acid Precipitation Assessment


      "(1) The acid  precipitation research program set  forth in the

   Acid  Precipitation   Act  of   1980  shall   be  continued   with

   modifications pursuant to this subsection.

      "(2)  The Acid  Precipitation Task  Force shall consist  of the

   Administrator  of   the  Environmental   Protection  Agency,   the

   Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of the Interior,  the Secretary

   of  Agriculture, the  Administrator of  the  National Oceanic  and

   Atmospheric  Administration,  the  Administrator  of the  National

   Aeronautics and Space Administration, and  such additional members

   as  the  President  may select.  The  President  shall  appoint  a

   chairman for  the Task Force from among its members within 30 days

   after the date of enactment of this subsection.

      "(3) The responsibilities of  the Task Force shall include  the


         "(A) Review  of the status  of research activities conducted

      to date under the comprehensive research plan developed

      pursuant to the Acid Precipitation Act of 1980, and development

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