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      of a revised plan that identifies significant research gaps and

      establishes a coordinated program to address current and future

      research  priorities.  A draft  of  the revised  plan  shall be

      submitted by the Task  Force to Congress within 6  months after

      the date of  enactment of  this subsection. The  plan shall  be

      available for public comment during the 60 day period after its

      submission,  and  a  final  plan  shall  be  submitted  by  the

      President to the Congress within 45 days after the close of the

      comment period.

         "(B)  Coordination  with   participating  Federal  agencies,

      augmenting the  agencies' research  and monitoring efforts  and

      sponsoring  additional research in  the scientific community as

      necessary to  ensure the availability  and quality of  data and

      methodologies needed  to evaluate the  status and effectiveness

      of  the  acid deposition  control  program.  Such research  and

      monitoring efforts shall include, but not be limited to-

           "(i) continuous monitoring  of emissions of precursors  of

         acid deposition;

           "(ii) maintenance,  upgrading, and application of  models,

         such as  the Regional  Acid Deposition  Model, that describe

         the  interactions  of emissions  with  the  atmosphere,  and

         models  that describe  the  response of  ecosystems  to acid

         deposition; and

           "(iii) analysis of the costs, benefits,  and effectiveness

         of the acid deposition control program.

         "(C) Publication  and maintenance  of a  National Acid Lakes

      Registry  that tracks the condition  and change over  time of a

      statistically representative  sample of lakes  in regions  that

      are known to be sensitive to surface water acidification.

         "(D)  Submission  every   two  years  of  a  unified  budget

      recommendation to  the President for activities  of the Federal

      Government in connection with the research program described in

      this subsection.

         "(E) Beginning in 1992 and biennially thereafter, submission

      of  a  report  to  Congress   describing  the  results  of  its

      investigations  and  analyses.   The  reporting  of   technical

      information about acid deposition shall be provided in a format

      that  facilitates  communication  with  policymakers   and  the

      public. The report shall include-

           "(i) actual  and projected  emissions and  acid deposition


           "(ii) average  ambient concentrations  of acid  deposition

         percursors and their transformation products;

           "(iii) the  status of  ecosystems  (including forests  and

         surface waters), materials, and  visibility affected by acid


           "(iv)  the   causes  and   effects  of   such  deposition,

         including changes  in surface  water quality  and forest and

         soil conditions;

           "(v)   the    occurrence   and    effects   of    episodic

         acidification, particularly  with respect  to high elevation

         watersheds; and

           "(vi)  the   confidence   level   associated   with   each

         conclusion to aid policymakers in use of the information.

         "(F) Beginning in 1996,  and every  4 years thereafter,  the

      report under subparagraph (E) shall include-

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