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           "(i)  the  reduction  in deposition  rates  that  must  be

         achieved in order to prevent adverse ecological effects; and

           "(ii)  the  costs  and benefits  of  the  acid  deposition

         control program created by title IV of this Act.

      "(k)  Air Pollution  Conferences.-If,  in the  judgment of  the

   Administrator,   an   air   pollution   problem   of   substantial

   significance  may result  from discharge  or  discharges into  the

   atmosphere,  the Administrator  may  call a  conference concerning

   this  potential air pollution problem to be held in or near one or

   more  of  the  places  where  such  discharge  or  discharges  are

   occurring or will  occur. All interested persons shall be given an

   opportunity to  be heard at such  conference, either  orally or in

   writing,  and  shall  be  permitted  to  appear  in  person  or by

   representative  in accordance  with procedures  prescribed by  the

   Administrator. If  the Administrator finds,  on the  basis of  the

   evidence  presented at  such  conference,  that the  discharge  or

   discharges if  permitted to take place  or continue  are likely to

   cause or contribute to  air pollution  subject to abatement  under

   part  A of  title I, the  Administrator shall  send such findings,

   together with  recommendations concerning  the measures  which the

   Administrator  finds  reasonable  and  suitable  to  prevent  such

   pollution, to the person or  persons whose actions will  result in

   the discharge  or discharges involved;  to air pollution  agencies

   of the State or States  and of the municipality  or municipalities

   where  such discharge  or discharges  will originate;  and to  the

   interstate  air   pollution  control  agency,   if  any,  in   the

   jurisdictional area  of which  any such  municipality is  located.

   Such  findings and  recommendations shall  be  advisory only,  but

   shall be admitted together with  the record of the  conference, as

   part of the  proceedings under subsections (b), (c), (d), (e), and

   (f) of section 108.".

   (d)  Miscellaneous.-(1)  Section  104  of  the  Clean  Air  Act is

amended  by striking "low-cost" each place it appears and inserting in

lieu thereof "cost-effective".

      (2) Section 104(c) of the  Clean Air Act is amended to  read as


         "(c)  Clean  Alternative   Fuels.-The  Administrator   shall

      conduct a  research  program  to  identify,  characterize,  and

      predict air emissions related to  the production, distribution,

      storage, and  use of clean  alternative fuels to  determine the

      risks and benefits to human health and the environment relative

      to those from using conventional gasoline and diesel fuels. The

      Administrator  shall consult  with  other Federal  agencies  to

      ensure  coordination and  to  avoid  duplication of  activities

      authorized under this subsection.".

   (e)   Assessment   of   International   Air    Pollution   Control

Technologies.-The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

shall  conduct  a  study  that compares  international  air  pollution

control technologies of selected industrialized countries to

determine  if  there  exist  air  pollution  control  technologies  in

countries  outside   the  United  States  that   may  have  beneficial

applications  to this  Nation's  air pollution  control efforts.  With

respect to each country studied, the study shall include the topics of

urban air quality,  motor vehicle emissions, toxic  air emissions, and

acid  deposition. The Administrator  shall, within  2 years  after the

date  of  enactment  of this  Act,  submit to  the  Congress  a report

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