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detailing the results of such study.

   (f)   Adirondack  Effects  Assessment.-The  Administrator  of  the

Environmental Protection Agency shall  establish a program to research

the effects of  acid deposition  on waters where  acid deposition  has

been most  acute.  The Administrator  shall  enter into  a  multi-year

contract  for such purposes with an independent university which has a

year-round field analytical  laboratory on a body of water of not less

than 25,000 acres  nor greater than 75,000 acres, which  lies within a

geographic region designated as a Biosphere Reserve by the  Department

of  State.  The  facility must  have  demonstrated  the  capability to

analyze relevant data on said body of  water over a period of 20 years

as  well  as  extensive  ecosystem modeling  capabilities.  There  are

authorized  to be appropriated to  carry out this  subsection not less

than $6,000,000.

   (g)   Western   States   Acid    Deposition   Research.-(1)    The

Administrator  of the  Environmental Protection  Agency shall  sponsor

monitoring  and research and  submit to  Congress annual  and periodic

assessment reports on-

      (A) the  occurrence and effects  of acid deposition  on surface

   waters  located  in that  part of  the United  States west  of the

   Mississippi River;

      (B)  the occurrence  and  effects of  acid  deposition on  high

   elevation ecosystems (including forests, and surface waters); and

      (C) the  occurrence  and  effects  of  episodic  acidification,

   particularly with respect to high elevation watersheds.

   (2) The  Administrator  of  the  Environmental  Protection  Agency

shall  analyze  data  generated   from  the  studies  conducted  under

paragraph  (1),   data  from  the  Western  Lakes  Survey,  and  other

appropriate research  and utilize predictive  modeling techniques that

take  into   account  the   unique  geographic,   climatological,  and

atmospheric conditions  which exist in  the western  United States  to

determine  the potential occurrence and effects of acid deposition due

to  any  projected increases  in the  emission  of sulfur  dioxide and

nitrogen oxides in that part of  the United States located west of the

Mississippi River. The Administrator shall include the  results of the

project  conducted under  this  paragraph  in  the reports  issued  to

Congress under paragraph (1).

   (h)(1)  In carrying  out the provisions  of section  103(f) of the

Clean Air  Act, the Secretary  of Energy is  authorized to enter  into

contracts  and  cooperative  agreements  with,  and  make  grants  to,

nonprofit  entities affiliated with  the University of  Nevada and the

University of Wyoming.

   (2) Agreements, contracts,  and grants described in  paragraph (1)

shall provide that such nonprofit entities-

      (A) may provide basic technical and management personnel; and

      (B) shall make available permanent research support  facilities

   owned by the nonprofit entities.

   (3) The nonprofit  entities described  in paragraphs  (1) and  (2)

shall be authorized  to make grants,  accept contributions, and  enter

into agreements with  other entities  to carry out  the provisions  of

this subsection.

   (4) There are authorized to  be appropriated to the  Department of

Energy  $3,000,000 for  fiscal  year  1991 and  such  sums as  may  be

necessary  for each fiscal year thereafter to carry out the provisions

of paragraph (1). Such amounts shall remain available until expended.

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