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   subsection (f).

   "(d) Use of Funds.-Subject to  the requirements of subsections (e)

and (f) of  this section, grants under subsection (b)  may be used for

any purpose for which funds may be used under section 314.

   "(e) Adjustment Assistance.-

      "(1) Job search allowance.-

         "(A) In general.-Grants under subsection  (b) for adjustment

      assistance may  be used  to provide  job search  allowances  to

      eligible individuals. Such allowance, if granted, shall provide

      reimbursement  to the individual of not more than 90 percent of

      the cost  of necessary  job search  expenses, as prescribed  by

      regulations of  the Secretary, but  may not exceed  $800 unless

      the need for a  greater amount is justified in  the application

      and approved by the Secretary.

         "(B)  Criteria  for granting  job  search  allowances.-A job

      search allowance may be granted only-

           "(i)  to  assist  an  eligible  individual  who  has  been

         totally  separated  in  securing  a  job  within  the United

         States; and

           "(ii) where  the Secretary determines  that such  employee

         cannot reasonably be expected to  secure suitable employment

         in the commuting area in which the worker resides.

      "(2) Relocation allowance.-

         "(A) In general.-Grants  under subsection (b) for adjustment

      assistance  may be  used  to provide  relocation allowances  to

      eligible individuals. Such an allowance may  only be granted to

      assist an  eligible individual in relocating  within the United

      States and only if the Secretary determines that-

           "(i)  such  employee  cannot  reasonably  be  expected  to

         secure suitable  employment in  the commuting  area in which

         the employee resides; and

           "(ii) such employee-

              "(I)  has  obtained  suitable  employment  affording  a

           reasonable expectation of  long-term duration in  the area

           in which the employee  wishes to relocate, or has obtained

           a bona fide offer of such employment, and

              "(II) is totally separated  from employment at the time

           relocation commences.

         "(B)  Amount  of relocation  allowance.-The  amount  of  any

      relocation allowance for any eligible individual may not exceed

      the amount which is equal to the sum of-

           "(i) 90 percent of the reasonable  and necessary expenses,

         specified  in  regulations  prescribed  by   the  Secretary,

         incurred in transporting an individual  and the individual's

         family, if any, and household effects, and

           "(ii) a  lump  sum equivalent  to 3  times the  employee's

         average weekly wage, up to a maximum payment of $800, unless

         the  need  for   a  greater  amount  is  justified   in  the

         application and approved by the Secretary.

   "(f)   Needs-Related   Payments.-The  Secretary   shall  prescribe

regulations  with  respect  to the  use  of  funds  from grants  under

subsection  (b) for needs-related payments in order to enable eligible

individuals  to complete  training  or education  programs under  this

section. Such regulations shall-

      "(1)  require  that  such  payments  shall  be provided  to  an

   eligible individual only if such individual-

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