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         "(A)   does  not  qualify  or  has  ceased  to  qualify  for

      unemployment compensation;

         "(B)  has been enrolled in  training by the  end of the 13th

      week  of  the  individual's initial  unemployment  compensation

      benefit period,  or, if later, the end of the 8th week after an

      individual is informed  that a short-term  layoff will in  fact

      exceed 6 months; and

         "(C) is  participating  in  training or  education  programs

      under this section, except  that such regulations shall protect

      an individual  from being disqualified pursuant  to this clause

      for a  failure to  participate that  is  not the  fault of  the


           "(2)  provide  that  to  qualify  for  such  payments  the

         individual currently receives,  or is a member  of a  family

         which currently receives,  a total family income  (exclusive

         of  unemployment compensation,  child support  payments, and

         welfare payments) which, in relation to  family size, is not

         in excess of the lower living standard income level;

           "(3)  provide that  the levels of  such payments  shall be

         equal to the higher of-

              "(A) the applicable level of unemployment compensation;


              "(B)  the poverty level  determined in  accordance with

           criteria  established by  the Director  of  the Office  of

           Management and Budget;

           "(4) provide  for the  adjustment of  payments to  reflect

         changes in total family income; and

           "(5)  provide that  the  grantee shall  obtain information

         with respect to such income,  and changes therein, from  the

         eligible individual.

   "(g)  Administrative Expenses.-The Secretary  of Labor may reserve

not more than 5  percent of the funds appropriated under  this section

for the  administration of  activities authorized under  this section,

including the provision of technical assistance for the preparation of

grant applications.

   "(h)  Authorization  of  Appropriations.-In  addition  to  amounts

authorized to be  appropriated by section 3(c) of this  Act, there are

authorized to  be appropriated $50,000,000  for fiscal year  1991, and

such  sums as may  be necessary for  each of fiscal  years 1992, 1993,

1994,  and  1995  to   carry  out  this  section.  The   total  amount

appropriated  for   all  5   such  fiscal   years  shall   not  exceed

$250,000,000. Amounts  appropriated pursuant to  this subsection shall

remain available until expended.

   "(i)  Regulations.-The Secretary  shall prescribe  regulations  to

carry  out this  section not  later than  180 days  after the  date of

enactment of this section.

   "(j) GAO  Assessment of  Effects of  Clean Air  Act Compliance  of

Employment.-The Comptroller General of the United States shall-

      "(1)  identify and assess, to  the extent possible, the effects

   on  employment  that  are  attributable  to  compliance  with  the

   provisions of the Clean Air Act; and

      "(2) submit to  the Congress on the 4th anniversary of the date

   of  the  enactment  of  this  subtitle  a  written  report  on the

   assessments required under paragraph (1).".

   (b) Conforming Amendments.-

      (1) The table of  contents of the Job Training  Partnership Act

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