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      after the date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments

      of 1990, from the implementation of measures required under the

      applicable  implementation  plan,   rules  promulgated  by  the

      Administrator, or a permit under title V.

         "(D)  Limits   on  creditability   of   reductions.-Emission

      reductions  from  the  following  measures  are  not creditable

      toward the  15 percent  reductions required  under subparagraph


              "(i) Any  measure relating to motor  vehicle exhaust or

           evaporative emissions promulgated by the Administrator  by

           January 1, 1990.

              "(ii)  Regulations  concerning   Reid  Vapor   Pressure

           promulgated  by  the  Administrator by  the  date  of  the

           enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act Amendments  of 1990  or

           required to be promulgated under section 211(h).

              "(iii)  Measures  required  under subsection  (a)(2)(A)

           (concerning    corrections   to    implementation    plans

           prescribed under guidance by the Administrator).

              "(iv)  Measures required under  subsection (a)(2)(B) to

           be submitted immediately  after the date of  the enactment

           of  the  Clean  Air Act  Amendments  of  1990  (concerning

           corrections to  motor vehicle  inspection and  maintenance


      "(2) Reasonably  available control technology.-The  State shall

   submit  a  revision  to  the  applicable  implementation  plan  to

   include  provisions to  require the  implementation of  reasonably

   available  control technology under section 172(c)(1) with respect

   to each of the following:

         "(A) Each category  of VOC sources in the area covered  by a

      CTG document issued by the Administrator between the

      date  of the enactment of the Clean  Air Act Amendments of 1990

      and the date of attainment.

         "(B) All VOC sources  in the area covered by any CTG  issued

      before  the  date  of  the  enactment  of  the  Clean  Air  Act

      Amendments of 1990.  

         "(C)  All other major  stationary sources  of VOCs  that are

      located in the area.

   Each revision  described in  subparagraph (A)  shall be  submitted

   within the  period set forth by  the Administrator  in issuing the

   relevant  CTG document.  The  revisions  with respect  to  sources

   described  in subparagraphs  (B) and (C)  shall be  submitted by 2

   years  after the  date  of  the enactment  of  the  Clean Air  Act

   Amendments of 1990,  and shall provide for  the implementation  of

   the  required measures  as  expeditiously  as practicable  but  no

   later than May 31, 1995.

      "(3) Gasoline vapor recovery.-

         "(A) General rule.-Not later than 2 years after the date  of

      the  enactment of  the Clean  Air Act  Amendments of  1990, the

      State shall submit a  revision to the applicable implementation

      plan to require all owners or operators of  gasoline dispensing

      systems  to install and  operate, by the  date prescribed under

      subparagraph  (B),  a system  for  gasoline  vapor recovery  of

      emissions from the fueling of motor vehicles. The Administrator

      shall issue guidance as appropriate as to  the effectiveness of

      such system.  This subparagraph shall apply  only to facilities

      which  sell more  than  10,000 gallons  of  gasoline per  month

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