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      (50,000 gallons per month  in the case of an  independent small

      business marketer of gasoline as defined in section 325).

         "(B)  Effective date.-The  date required  under subparagraph

      (A) shall be-     "(i)  6 months  after the  adoption date,  in

                      the  case of gasoline dispensing facilities for

                      which construction commenced  after the date of

                      the enactment of  the Clean Air Act  Amendments

                      of 1990;

           "(ii) one year  after the adoption  date, in  the case  of

         gasoline  dispensing  facilities  which  dispense  at  least

         100,000  gallons of  gasoline  per month,  based  on average

         monthly  sales for  the  2-year period  before  the adoption

         date; or

           "(iii) 2 years  after the adoption  date, in  the case  of

         all other gasoline dispensing facilities.

      Any gasoline  dispensing facility  described under  both clause

      (i) and clause (ii) shall meet the requirements of clause (i).

         "(C) Reference to terms.-For purposes of this paragraph, any

      reference to  the term  `adoption date'  shall be  considered a

      reference  to the date of adoption by the State of requirements

      for the  installation and operation  of a  system for  gasoline

      vapor recovery of emissions from the fueling of motor vehicles.

      "(4) Motor vehicle inspection and maintenance.-For all Moderate

   Areas, the State shall submit,  immediately after the date  of the

   enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of

   1990,  a  revision  to the  applicable  implementation  plan  that

   includes provisions necessary to provide for  a vehicle inspection

   and  maintenance  program  as  described  in  subsection (a)(2)(B)

   (without  regard  to whether  or  not  the  area  was required  by

   section 172(b)(11)(B)  (as in effect  immediately before the  date

   of the enactment of the  Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990) to have

   included  a  specific  schedule  for  implementation   of  such  a


      "(5) General offset requirement.-For purposes of satisfying the

   emission  offset  requirements of  this part,  the ratio  of total

   emission  reductions  of  volatile  organic  compounds   to  total

   increase emissions  of such air pollutant  shall be  at least 1.15

   to 1.

   "(c)  Serious Areas.-Except  as otherwise  specified in  paragraph

(4), each  State in which  all or part  of a  Serious Area is  located

shall, with respect  to the Serious Area  (or portion thereof, to  the

extent specified  in this subsection), make  the submissions described

under  subsection (b)  (relating to  Moderate Areas),  and shall  also

submit the revisions to  the applicable implementation plan (including

the plan items) described under this subsection. For any Serious Area,

the terms  `major source'  and `major stationary  source' include  (in

addition  to  the sources  described  in section  302)  any stationary

source or group of sources located within a contiguous area  and under

common control that emits, or  has the potential to emit, at  least 50

tons per year of volatile organic compounds.

      "(1) Enhanced monitoring.-In order to obtain more comprehensive

   and representative data  on ozone air pollution, not later than 18

   months  after the  date  of the  enactment of  the  Clean Air  Act

   Amendments  of  1990  the  Administrator  shall promulgate  rules,

   after  notice  and  public comment,  for  enhanced  monitoring  of

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