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   ozone, oxides  of nitrogen,  and volatile  organic compounds.  The

   rules  shall,   among  other  things,   cover  the  location   and

   maintenance of  monitors. Immediately  following the  promulgation

   of rules  by the  Administrator relating  to enhanced  monitoring,

   the  State shall  commence  such actions  as  may be  necessary to

   adopt and  implement a  program based  on such  rules, to  improve

   monitoring  for  ambient   concentrations  of  ozone,  oxides   of

   nitrogen and volatile organic compounds and  to improve monitoring

   of  emissions   of  oxides  of   nitrogen  and  volatile   organic

   compounds.  Each State  implementation  plan  for the  area  shall

   contain measures  to improve  the ambient monitoring  of such  air


      "(2)    Attainment    and    reasonable     further    progress

   demonstrations.-Within 4 years after  the date of the enactment of

   the  Clean Air Act  Amendments of  1990, the State  shall submit a

   revision to the applicable implementation plan  that includes each

   of the following:

         "(A)  Attainment  demonstration.-A  demonstration  that  the

      plan,  as revised,  will provide  for  attainment of  the ozone

      national  ambient  air  quality  standard  by  the   applicable

      attainment date. This attainment demonstration must be based on

      photochemical  grid  modeling or  any  other analytical  method

      determined  by   the  Administrator,  in   the  Administrator's

      discretion, to be at least as effective.

         "(B)    Reasonable    further    progress   demonstration.-A

      demonstration that  the plan, as  revised, will  result in  VOC

      emissions reductions from  the baseline emissions  described in

      subsection (b)(1)(B)  equal to  the following  amount  averaged

      over each consecutive 3-year period beginning 6 years after the

      date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990,

      until the attainment date:

           "(i) at least 3 percent  of baseline emissions each  year;


           "(ii)  an  amount less  than  3 percent  of such  baseline

         emissions  each  year,  if  the  State  demonstrates  to the

         satisfaction of the  Administrator that the plan  reflecting

         such lesser  amount includes all  measures that can feasibly

         be  implemented  in  the  area,  in  light  of technological


      To  lessen the 3 percent requirement under clause (ii), a State

      must demonstrate to the  satisfaction of the Administrator that

      the plan for the  area includes the measures that  are achieved

      in  practice  by  sources  in  the   same  source  category  in

      nonattainment areas  of  the next  higher  classification.  Any

      determination  to lessen  the  3 percent  requirement shall  be

      reviewed at each  milestone under section 182(g) and revised to

      reflect  such new  measures (if  any) achieved  in  practice by

      sources  in  the  same  category  in  any   State,  allowing  a

      reasonable  time  to  implement  such  measures.  The  emission

      reductions described in this  subparagraph shall be  calculated

      in accordance  with subsection  (b)(1) (C) and  (D) (concerning

      creditability of reductions). The reductions creditable for the

      period beginning 6 years after the date of the enactment of the

      Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, shall include reductions that

      occurred  before  such  period,  computed  in  accordance  with

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