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      subsection  (b)(1),  that  exceed  the   15-percent  amount  of

      reductions required under subsection (b)(1)(A).

         "(C)  NOx control.-The revision may contain,  in lieu of the

      demonstration required under  subparagraph (B), a demonstration

      to the  satisfaction of  the Administrator that  the applicable

      implementation  plan, as  revised, provides  for  reductions of

      emissions of VOC's and oxides of nitrogen (calculated according

      to the  creditability provisions  of subsection (b)(1)  (C) and

      (D)), that would  result in a reduction in ozone concentrations

      at  least equivalent to that which would result from the amount

      of  VOC emission  reductions required  under  subparagraph (B).

      Within 1 year after the date of the enactment of  the Clean Air

      Act Amendments of 1990,  the Administrator shall issue guidance

      concerning  the  conditions  under  which NOx  control  may  be

      substituted for VOC control or may be combined with VOC control

      in order to maximize  the reduction in ozone air  pollution. In

      accord with such guidance,  a lesser percentage of VOCs  may be

      accepted  as an  adequate  demonstration for  purposes of  this


   "(3) Enhanced vehicle inspection and maintenance program.-

         "(A) Requirement  for submission.-Within 2  years after  the

      date  of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990,

      the   State  shall   submit  a   revision  to   the  applicable

      implementation  plan  to provide  for  an  enhanced program  to

      reduce  hydrocarbon  emissions  and NOx  emissions  from in-use

      motor  vehicles  registered  in  each urbanized  area  (in  the

      nonattainment area), as  defined by the  Bureau of the  Census,

      with a 1980 population of 200,000 or more.

         "(B) Effective  date of state  programs; guidance.-The State

      program required  under subparagraph  (A) shall take  effect no

      later than 2 years from the  date of the enactment of the Clean

      Air  Act Amendments of 1990,  and shall comply  in all respects

      with guidance published  in the Federal Register (and from time

      to  time revised)  by  the Administrator  for enhanced  vehicle

      inspection andmaintenance programs. Suchguidance shall include-

           "(i)  a  performance  standard  achievable  by  a  program

         combining  emission  testing,   including  on-road  emission

         testing, with inspection  to detect tampering with  emission

         control devices and misfueling  for all light-duty  vehicles

         and all light-duty trucks subject to standards under section

         202; and

           "(ii)   program   administration  features   necessary  to

         reasonably assure that adequate management resources, tools,

         and  practices  are  in place  to  attain and  maintain  the

         performance standard.

      Compliance with the performance standard under clause (i) shall

      be  determined  using  a  method  to   be  established  by  the


         "(C)  State  program.-The  State   program  required   under

      subparagraph  (A)  shall include,  at  a minimum,  each  of the

      following elements-

           "(i)  Computerized  emission analyzers,  including on-road

         testing devices.

           "(ii)  No waivers  for vehicles and  parts covered  by the

         emission control  performance warranty  as provided  for  in

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