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   clean fuel-vehicle program as provided in part C of title II.

      "(B) The  Administrator shall approve, as a  substitute for all

   or a  portion of the clean-fuel  vehicle program  prescribed under

   part C  of  title II,  any  revision  to the  relevant  applicable

   implementation  plan  that in  the  Administrator's judgment  will

   achieve  long-term  reductions in  ozone-producing  and  toxic air

   emissions equal  to those achieved  under part C  of title II,  or

   the  percentage  thereof  attributable  to  the   portion  of  the

   clean-fuel  vehicle   program  for  which   the  revision  is   to

   substitute. The  Administrator may approve  such revision only  if

   it consists  exclusively of provisions  other than those  required

   under  this Act for the  area. Any State seeking  approval of such

   revision must submit  the revision to the Administrator  within 24

   months of

   the date  of the  enactment  of the  Clean Air  Act Amendments  of

   1990.  The Administrator  shall  approve  or disapprove  any  such

   revision  within 30  months of the  date of  the enactment  of the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of  1990. The Administrator shall publish

   the  revision submitted  by a State  in the  Federal Register upon

   receipt.  Such  notice  shall  constitute  a  notice  of  proposed

   rulemaking on  whether or not to  approve such  revision and shall

   be deemed  to comply with the  requirements concerning  notices of

   proposed  rulemaking contained  in  sections  553 through  557  of

   title  5  of  the  United  States  Code  (related  to  notice  and

   comment). Where the  Administrator approves such revision  for any

   area,  the  State   need  not  submit  the  revision  required  by

   subparagraph (A) for  the area with respect to the portions of the

   Federal  clean-fuel vehicle  program for  which the  Administrator

   has approved the revision as a substitute.  

      "(C) If  the Administrator determines, under  section 179, that

   the  State  has  failed  to  submit  any  portion  of  the program

   required  under  subparagraph  (A),  then,  in   addition  to  any

   sanctions available under section  179, the State may not  receive

   credit, in any  demonstration of attainment or  reasonable further

   progress  for   the  area,  for   any  emission  reductions   from

   implementation   of  the  corresponding  aspects  of  the  Federal

   clean-fuel vehicle  requirements established  in part  C of  title


      "(5) Transportation control.-(A)  Beginning 6  years after  the

   date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990 and

   each   third  year   thereafter,   the   State  shall   submit   a

   demonstration  as to  whether current  aggregate vehicle  mileage,

   aggregate  vehicle   emissions,  congestion   levels,  and   other

   relevant parameters are  consistent with those used for the area's

   demonstration of attainment. Where  such parameters and  emissions

   levels  exceed the  levels projected  for purposes  of the  area's

   attainment  demonstration,  the   State  shall  within  18  months

   develop and  submit a  revision of  the applicable  implementation

   plan  that  includes a  transportation  control  measures  program

   consisting of  measures from, but  not limited to, section  108(f)

   that  will  reduce emissions  to levels  that are  consistent with

   emission  levels projected in  such demonstration.  In considering

   such  measures,  the  State  should  ensure   adequate  access  to

   downtown, other  commercial,  and  residential  areas  and  should

   avoid measures that increase or relocate  emissions and congestion

   rather  than  reduce  them. Such  revision  shall be  developed in

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