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   may  deem  necessary,  in  the  same  manner  and  under  the same

   procedure as is  applicable under clause (ii) of paragraph (1)(B),

   except that  the phrase  `60 days'  shall be  substituted for  the

   phrase  `120  days' in  that  clause.  If  the  Governor does  not

   submit, in accordance  with subparagraph (B), a  redesignation for

   an  area (or  portion  thereof)  identified by  the  Administrator

   under  subparagraph (A), the  Administrator shall  promulgate such

   redesignation, if any, that the Administrator deems appropriate.

      "(D)  The  Governor of  any State  may,  on the  Governor's own

   motion, submit  to the Administrator a  revised designation of any

   area or  portion thereof  within the  State. Within  18 months  of

   receipt  of  a   complete  State   redesignation  submittal,   the

   Administrator  shall  approve  or  deny  such  redesignation.  The

   submission of a redesignation by  a Governor shall not  affect the

   effectiveness or enforceability of  the applicable  implementation

   plan for the State.

      "(E) The Administrator may not  promulgate a redesignation of a

   nonattainment area (or portion thereof) to attainment unless-

         "(i) the Administrator determines that the area has attained

      the national ambient air quality standard;

         "(ii)  the Administrator  has fully approved  the applicable

      implementation plan for the area under section 110(k);

         "(iii)  the Administrator determines that the improvement in

      air quality  is due to permanent and  enforceable reductions in

      emissions  resulting  from  implementation  of  the  applicable

      implementation  plan  and  applicable  Federal   air  pollutant

      control  regulations  and   other  permanent  and   enforceable


         "(iv) the  Administrator has  fully  approved a  maintenance

      plan  for the area as meeting the requirements of section 175A;


         "(v) the State containing such area has met all requirements

      applicable to the area under section 110 and part D.

      "(F) The  Administrator shall not promulgate  any redesignation

   of  any   area  (or   portion  thereof)   from  nonattainment   to


      "(4) Nonattainment  designations for ozone, carbon monoxide and

   particulate matter (PM-10).-

         "(A) Ozone  and carbon  monoxide.-(i) Within  120 days after

      the  date of the enactment  of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of

      1990,  each  Governor  of  each  State  shall   submit  to  the

      Administrator a list that designates, affirms

      or reaffirms the designation  of, or redesignates (as  the case

      may  be),  all areas  (or portions  thereof) of  the Governor's

      State  as  attainment,  nonattainment,  or  unclassifiable with

      respect to the national ambient air quality standards for ozone

      and carbon monoxide.

         "(ii) No later than 120 days after  the date the Governor is

      required to  submit  the list  of areas  (or portions  thereof)

      required   under  clause   (i)   of  this   subparagraph,   the

      Administrator  shall promulgate such  designations, making such

      modifications as  the Administrator may deem  necessary, in the

      same manner,  and under the  same procedure,  as is  applicable

      under clause (ii)  of paragraph (1)(B), except that  the phrase

      `60 days' shall  be substituted  for the phrase  `120 days'  in

      that clause.  If the  Governor does  not submit,  in accordance

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