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   milestone.  The  State program  may  include  a  nondiscriminatory

   system,   consistent  with  applicable  law  regarding  interstate

   commerce,  of  State established  emissions fees  or  a  system of

   marketable  permits,  or  a  system  of  State  fees  on  sale  or

   manufacture of  products  the use  of which  contributes to  ozone

   formation, or any combination  of the  foregoing or other  similar

   measures.   The   program   may   also   include  incentives   and

   requirements  to  reduce  vehicle  emissions   and  vehicle  miles

   traveled in the area, including any of the  transportation control

   measures identified in section 108(f) .

      "(B)  Within 2  years after the  date of  the enactment  of the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of  1990, the Administrator shall publish

   rules  for the  programs to  be adopted  pursuant to  subparagraph

   (A). Such rules shall include  model plan provisions which  may be

   adopted for reducing emissions from  permitted stationary sources,

   area sources,  and mobile  sources. The  guidelines shall  require

   that  any  revenues  generated  by  the  plan  provisions  adopted

   pursuant to subparagraph  (A) shall be used  by the State  for any

   of the following:

         "(i) Providing incentives for achieving emission reductions.

         "(ii) Providing assistance for the development of innovative

      technologies for the control of ozone air pollution and for the

      development of lower-polluting  solvents and surface  coatings.

      Such  assistance shall not provide for the payment of more than

      75 percent of either the costs of any project to develop such a

      technology  or the  costs of  development of  a lower-polluting

      solvent or surface coating.

         "(iii) Funding  the administrative  costs of  State programs

      under  this Act. Not more than  50 percent of such revenues may

      be used for purposes of this clause.

      "(5) Extreme areas.-If a State fails to  submit a demonstration

   under  paragraph (2)  for  any  Extreme Area  within  the required

   period, or if the Administrator  determines that the area  has not

   met any  applicable milestone,  the State shall,  within 9  months

   after  such failure  or determination,  submit a plan  revision to

   implement  an   economic  incentive   program   which  meets   the

   requirements  of  paragraph (4).  The  Administrator shall  review

   such  plan revision and approve or  disapprove the revision within

   9 months after the date of its submission.

   "(h)  Rural   Transport  Areas.-(1)   Notwithstanding  any   other

provision of section 181 or this  section, a State containing an ozone

nonattainment area that does not include, and is  not adjacent to, any

part  of a  Metropolitan  Statistical Area  or,  where one  exists,  a

Consolidated Metropolitan  Statistical Area (as defined  by the United

States  Bureau  of  the   Census),  which  area  is  treated   by  the

Administrator, in the Administrator's discretion, as a rural transport

area  within the  meaning  of  paragraph  (2),  shall  be  treated  by

operation of law as satisfying the requirements of this  section if it

makes  the submissions required  under subsection (a)  of this section

(relating to marginal areas).

   "(2) The Administrator  may treat an ozone nonattainment area as a

rural transport area if the Administrator finds that sources of

VOC (and, where the  Administrator determines relevant, NOx) emissions

within  the area do not  make a significant  contribution to the ozone

concentrations measured in the area or in other areas.

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