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   are established or made.   "(6)     Enforcement.-Any    regulation

   established under this  subsection shall be treated,  for purposes

   of enforcement of  this Act, as a  standard under section 111  and

   any violation of such regulation  shall be treated as  a violation

   of a requirement of section 111(e).

      "(7) State administration.-Each State may develop and submit to

   the Administrator  a procedure  under State  law for  implementing

   and enforcing  regulations promulgated under  this subsection.  If

   the  Administrator finds  the  State  procedure is  adequate,  the

   Administrator  shall  approve  such  procedure.  Nothing  in  this

   paragraph shall  prohibit  the  Administrator from  enforcing  any

   applicable regulations under this subsection.

      "(8) Size,  etc.-No regulations  regarding the size,  shape, or

   labeling   of  a   product   may   be  promulgated,   unless   the

   Administrator determines such regulations to be  useful in meeting

   any national ambient air quality standard.  

      "(9) State  consultation.-Any State which  proposes regulations

   other than those adopted under this subsection  shall consult with

   the  Administrator regarding  whether  any  other State  or  local

   subdivision has promulgated or is promulgating  regulations on any

   products   covered  under  this   part.  The  Administrator  shall

   establish   a   clearinghouse   of   information,   studies,   and

   regulations proposed  and promulgated  regarding products  covered

   under this subsection  and disseminate such information  collected

   as requested by State or local subdivisions.

   "(f) Tank Vessel Standards.-

      "(1) Schedule for standards.-(A) Within  2 years after the date

   of  the enactment of  the Clean  Air Act  Amendments of  1990, the

   Administrator,  in   consultation  with  the   Secretary  of   the

   Department  in   which  the  Coast   Guard  is  operating,   shall

   promulgate standards applicable  to the emission of  VOCs and  any

   other air  pollutant from  loading and unloading  of tank  vessels

   (as  that term  is defined  in  section 2101  of  title 46  of the

   United  States Code)  which  the  Administrator finds  causes,  or

   contributes to, air pollution that may be reasonably anticipated

   to  endanger  public  health  or  welfare.  Such  standards  shall

   require   the   application  of   reasonably   available   control

   technology,   considering  costs,   any  nonair-quality  benefits,

   environmental impacts,  energy  requirements  and  safety  factors

   associated  with  alternative control  techniques.  To  the extent

   practicable such  standards shall apply  to loading and  unloading

   facilities and not to tank vessels.

      "(B) Any  regulation prescribed under this  subsection (and any

   revision  thereof) shall  take  effect after  such period  as  the

   Administrator finds (after consultation with the  Secretary of the

   department  in which  the Coast  Guard is  operating) necessary to

   permit   the  development   and  application   of   the  requisite

   technology,  giving  appropriate  consideration  to  the  cost  of

   compliance  within such  period, except  that  the effective  date

   shall  not  be  more  than  2  years  after  promulgation  of such


      "(2) Regulations on equipment safety.-Within 6 months after the

   date of  the enactment of  the Clean  Air Act Amendments  of 1990,

   the Secretary  of  the Department  in  which  the Coast  Guard  is

   operating  shall issue  regulations  to ensure  the safety  of the

   equipment and operations which  are to control emissions  from the

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