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      with clause (i) of this subparagraph, a designation for an area

      (or portion  thereof), the  Administrator shall  promulgate the

      designation that the Administrator deems appropriate.

         "(iii)  No  nonattainment area  may  be  redesignated  as an

      attainment area under this subparagraph.

         "(iv)   Notwithstanding   paragraph   (1)(C)(ii)   of   this

      subsection, if  an ozone or carbon  monoxide nonattainment area

      located within a metropolitan statistical area or  consolidated

      metropolitan statistical area (as  established by the Bureau of

      the Census)  is classified  under  part D  of this  title as  a

      Serious, Severe,  or Extreme Area, the boundaries  of such area

      are   hereby  revised   (on  the   date  45  days   after  such

      classification)  by  operation of  law  to  include the  entire

      metropolitan  statistical  area  or  consolidated  metropolitan

      statistical area, as the case may be, unless within such 45-day

      period the Governor  (in consultation with State and  local air

      pollution  control  agencies) notifies  the  Administrator that

      additional  time is  necessary to  evaluate the  application of

      clause  (v). Whenever a Governor has submitted such a notice to

      the Administrator,  such boundary  revision shall occur  on the

      later  of the  date 8  months after  such classification  or 14

      months after  the date  of the enactment  of the Clean  Air Act

      Amendments  of  1990  unless  the Governor  makes  the  finding

      referred to  in clause (v),  and the  Administrator concurs  in

      such finding, within such  period. Except as otherwise provided

      in this  paragraph, a  boundary revision  under this clause  or

      clause (v) shall apply for purposes of any State implementation

      plan  revision required to be  submitted after the  date of the

      enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

         "(v) Whenever the Governor of a State has submitted a notice

      under clause (iv), the Governor, in consultation with State and

      local air  pollution control agencies, shall  undertake a study

      to evaluate whether the entire metropolitan statistical area or

      consolidated  metropolitan statistical area  should be included

      within the  nonattainment area.  Whenever a Governor  finds and

      demonstrates to the satisfaction  of the Administrator, and the

      Administrator concurs in such finding,  that with respect to  a

      portion of a

      metropolitan  statistical  area  or  consolidated  metropolitan

      statistical  area, sources  in  the portion  do not  contribute

      significantly to violation of  the national ambient air quality

      standard,   the  Administrator  shall  approve  the  Governor's

      request to exclude such portion from the nonattainment area. In

      making such  finding, the Governor and  the Administrator shall

      consider   factors  such   as   population   density,   traffic

      congestion,  commercial  development,  industrial  development,

      meteorological conditions, and pollution transport.

         "(B)   PM-10  designations.-By   operation  of   law,  until

      redesignation by the Administrator pursuant to paragraph (3)-

              "(i) each area identified  in 52 Federal Register 29383

           (Aug. 7, 1987)  as a Group  I area  (except to the  extent

           that   such    identification   was   modified   by    the

           Administrator  before the  date of  the  enactment of  the

           Clean   Air  Act   Amendments  of   1990)  is   designated

           nonattainment for PM-10;

              "(ii) any area containing  a site for which air quality

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