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   date of  the enactment of  the Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990,

   for  areas  with a  design  value above  12.7 ppm  at the  time of

   classification,   the  plan   revision   shall  provide   for  the

   implementation  of  specific  measures to  be  undertaken  if  any

   estimate of vehicle  miles traveled in the area which is submitted

   in an  annual  report  under  paragraph  (2)  exceeds  the  number

   predicted in the most  recent prior forecast or if the  area fails

   to attain

   the  national primary  ambient  air  quality standard  for  carbon

   monoxide by  the primary standard  attainment date. Such  measures

   shall be included  in the plan revision as contingency measures to

   take  effect  without   further  action  by  the   State  or   the

   Administrator  if the  prior  forecast  has been  exceeded  by  an

   updated forecast  or if the national  standard is  not attained by

   such deadline.

      "(4)  Savings clause  for  vehicle inspection  and  maintenance

   provisions  of  the  state implementation  plan.-Immediately after

   the  date of  the enactment  of the  Clean Air  Act Amendments  of

   1990,  for  any  Moderate Area  (or,  within  the  Administrator's

   discretion, portion  thereof), the plan for  which is  of the type

   described  in  section  182(a)(2)(B) any  provisions  necessary to

   ensure  that  the  applicable  implementation  plan  includes  the

   vehicle inspection and  maintenance program  described in  section


      "(5) Periodic inventory.-No later  than September 30, 1995, and

   no later than the end  of each 3 year period thereafter, until the

   area is  redesignated to attainment,  a revised inventory  meeting

   the requirements of subsection (a)(1).

      "(6) Enhanced vehicle inspection and maintenance.-No later than

   2 years  after the  date of  the enactment  of the  Clean Air  Act

   Amendments  of 1990 in  the case  of Moderate Areas  with a design

   value  greater than  12.7  ppm at  the  time of  classification, a

   revision   that  includes  provisions   for  an  enhanced  vehicle

   inspection   and  maintenance  program  as   required  in  section

   182(c)(3) (concerning  serious ozone  nonattainment areas), except

   that such  program shall  be for  the purpose  of reducing  carbon

   monoxide rather than hydrocarbon emissions.

      "(7)  Attainment  demonstration  and  specific  annual emission

   reductions.-In  the case  of Moderate  Areas with  a  design value

   greater than  12.7 ppm  at the  time of  classification, no  later

   than 2 years after the date  of the enactment of the Clean Air Act

   Amendments of  1990, a  revision to  provide, and  a demonstration

   that  the plan  as  revised will  provide,  for attainment  of the

   carbon  monoxide  NAAQS  by the  applicable  attainment  date  and

   provisions for  such specific  annual emission  reductions as  are

   necessary to attain the standard by that date.

The  Administrator  may, in  the  Administrator's  discretion, require

States  to submit a  schedule for submitting  any of the  revisions or

other  items required under this  subsection. In the  case of Moderate

Areas  with a  design  value of  12.7  ppm or  lower  at  the time  of

classification,  the requirements  of this  subsection shall  apply in

lieu of any requirement that the State submit a demonstration that the

applicable implementation  plan provides for attainment  of the carbon

monoxide standard by the applicable attainment date.

   "(b) Serious Areas.-

      "(1) In general.-Each  State in which all or  part of a Serious

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