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   Area is located shall, with respect to the Serious  Area, make the

   submissions   (other   than  those   required   under   subsection

   (a)(1)(B)) applicable under subsection (a) to  Moderate Areas with

   a  design  value   of  12.7  ppm  or   greater  at  the   time  of

   classification,  and shall  also  submit  the revision  and  other

   items described under this subsection.

      "(2) Vehicle miles traveled.-Within  2 years after the  date of

   the enactment  of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990 the State

   shall submit a  revision that includes the  transportation control

   measures  as  required  in  section  182(d)(1)  except  that  such

   revision shall be  for the purpose of reducing CO emissions rather

   than volatile organic  compound emissions. In the case of any such

   area  (other than an  area in  New York State)  which is a covered

   area (as  defined in  section 246(a)(2)(B))  for  purposes of  the

   Clean Fuel Fleet  program under part C  of title II, if  the State

   fails to include any  such measure, the implementation plan  shall

   contain  an explanation  of why such  measure was  not adopted and

   what  emissions  reduction  measure  was  adopted   to  provide  a

   comparable reduction in  emissions, or reasons why  such reduction

   is  not necessary  to  attain  the national  primary  ambient  air

   quality standard for carbon monoxide.

      "(3) Oxygenated gasoline.-(A) Within 2 years after the date  of

   the enactment  of the Clean Air Act  Amendments of 1990, the State

   shall submit a  revision to require that gasoline  sold, supplied,

   offered for sale  or supply, dispensed, transported  or introduced

   into commerce in the larger of-

         "(i)  the Consolidated  Metropolitan  Statistical  Area  (as

      defined  by the United States  Office of Management and Budget)

      (CMSA) in which the area is located, or

         "(ii) if the area is not located in a CMSA, the Metropolitan

      Statistical  Area (as  defined by the  United States  Office of

      Management and Budget) in which the area is located,  

   be blended, during  the portion of the  year in which the  area is

   prone  to  high  ambient concentrations  of  carbon  monoxide  (as

   determined  by  the  Administrator),  with  fuels containing  such

   level  of  oxygen  as  is  necessary,  in  combination  with other

   measures,  to  provide  for  attainment  of  the  carbon  monoxide

   national   ambient   air  quality   standard  by   the  applicable

   attainment  date  and  maintenance of  the  national  ambient  air

   quality  standard  thereafter  in the  area.  The  revision  shall

   provide that  such requirement  shall take  effect  no later  than

   October 1,  1993, and shall  include a program for  implementation

   and enforcement of the requirement consistent with guidance  to be

   issued by the Administrator.

      "(B)  Notwithstanding subparagraph (A),  the revision described

   in this paragraph  shall not be required for  an area if the State

   demonstrates to  the satisfaction  of the  Administrator that  the

   revision is not  necessary to provide for attainment of the carbon

   monoxide national ambient  air quality standard by  the applicable

   attainment  date  and  maintenance of  the  national  ambient  air

   quality standard thereafter in the area.  

   "(c) Areas With Significant Stationary Source Emissions of CO.-

      "(1)  Serious areas.-In  the  case of  Serious  Areas in  which

   stationary  sources  contribute  significantly to  carbon monoxide

   levels (as  determined under rules  issued by the  Administrator),

   the State shall  submit a plan  revision within 2 years  after the

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