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   date of  the enactment of  the Clean  Air Act Amendments  of 1990,

   which provides  that the term  `major stationary source'  includes

   (in addition to the sources described in section 302) any

   stationary source  which emits, or has  the potential  to emit, 50

   tons per year or more of carbon monoxide.

      "(2)  Waivers for  certain areas.-The  Administrator may,  on a

   case-by-case  basis,  waive  any  requirements  that   pertain  to

   transportation   controls,   inspection   and   maintenance,    or

   oxygenated fuels where  the Administrator determines by  rule that

   mobile sources of carbon monoxide do  not contribute significantly

   to carbon monoxide levels in the area.

      "(3)  Guidelines.-Within  6  months   after  the  date  of  the

   enactment   of  the   Clean  Air  Act   Amendments  of  1990,  the

   Administrator  shall  issue guidelines  for and  rules determining

   whether  stationary  sources  contribute  significantly to  carbon

   monoxide levels in an area.

   "(d) CO Milestone.-

      "(1) Milestone demonstration.-By March  31, 1996, each State in

   which  all or part  of a  Serious Area is  located shall submit to

   the  Administrator a demonstration  that the  area has  achieved a

   reduction in  emissions  of CO  equivalent  to  the total  of  the

   specific annual  emission  reductions  required  by  December  31,

   1995. Such reductions shall be  referred to in this  subsection as

   the milestone.

      "(2)  Adequacy of  demonstration.-A  demonstration  under  this

   paragraph shall  be submitted in such  form and  manner, and shall

   contain such information and analysis, as  the Administrator shall

   require.  The  Administrator  shall determine  whether  or  not  a

   State's  demonstration  is  adequate  within  90  days  after  the

   Administrator's  receipt  of  a demonstration  which  contains the

   information and analysis required by the Administrator.

      "(3) Failure  to meet emission reduction  milestone.-If a State

   fails to submit  a demonstration  under paragraph  (1) within  the

   required  period, or if the Administrator  notifies the State that

   the State  has not met  the milestone, the  State shall, within  9

   months  after  such  a  failure  or notification,  submit  a  plan

   revision to  implement  an economic  incentive and  transportation

   control program as  described in section 182(g)(4).  Such revision

   shall be sufficient  to achieve the specific annual  reductions in

   carbon monoxide emissions  set forth in the plan by the attainment


   "(e) Multi-State CO Nonattainment Areas.-

      "(1) Coordination  among states.-Each  State in which  there is

   located  a portion  of  a  single nonattainment  area  for  carbon

   monoxide   which  covers   more  than   one  State   (`multi-State

   nonattainment   area')  shall   take   all  reasonable   steps  to

   coordinate,  substantively  and procedurally,  the  revisions  and

   implementation of  State implementation  plans  applicable to  the

   nonattainment  area concerned.  The Administrator  may not approve

   any revision  of a State implementation  plan submitted under this

   part for  a State  in which  part of  a multi-State  nonattainment

   area  is  located if  the plan  revision for  that State  fails to

   comply with the requirements of this subsection.

      "(2) Failure  to demonstrate attainment.-If any  State in which

   there is  located a  portion of  a multi-State  nonattainment area

   fails to provide a demonstration of attainment of the na-

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