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           monitoring data show  a violation of the  national ambient

           air quality standard for PM-10 before January 1, 1989  (as

           determined under  part 50, appendix  K of title  40 of the

           Code  of   Federal  Regulations)   is  hereby   designated

           nonattainment for PM-10; and

              "(iii) each area not described in clause (i) or (ii) is

           hereby designated unclassifiable for PM-10.

      Any designation  for particulate  matter (measured in  terms of

      total   suspended   particulates)   that    the   Administrator

      promulgated  pursuant   to  this   subsection  (as   in  effect

      immediately before the date  of the enactment of the  Clean Air

      Act  Amendments of 1990) shall remain in effect for purposes of

      implementing  the maximum allowable increases in concentrations

      of  particulate matter  (measured in  terms of  total suspended

      particulates)   pursuant   to   section   163(b),   until   the

      Administrator  determines that  such designation  is no  longer

      necessary for that purpose.

      "(5) Designations for lead.-The Administrator may, in the

   Administrator's  discretion at  any time  the Administrator  deems

   appropriate,  require a  State  to  designate areas  (or  portions

   thereof)  with  respect  to  the  national   ambient  air  quality

   standard  for lead in  effect as  of the date  of the enactment of

   the  Clean Air  Act  Amendments of  1990,  in accordance  with the

   procedures  under subparagraphs  (A)  and  (B) of  paragraph  (1),

   except that in  applying subparagraph (B)(i) of  paragraph (1) the

   phrase `2  years  from the  date of  promulgation  of the  new  or

   revised national ambient  air quality standard' shall  be replaced

   by  the phrase  `1 year from  the date  the Administrator notifies

   the State  of the requirement to  designate areas  with respect to

   the standard for lead'.".

   (b)   General   Requirements  for   Implementation  Plans.-Section

110(a)(2) of  the Clean Air  Act (42 U.S.C. 7410(a)(2))  is amended to

read as follows:

   "(2) Each implementation  plan submitted by a State under this Act

shall  be  adopted by  the State  after  reasonable notice  and public

hearing. Each such plan shall-

      "(A) include enforceable emission limitations and other control

   measures,  means,  or techniques  (including  economic  incentives

   such  as  fees,  marketable permits,  and  auctions  of  emissions

   rights), as well as  schedules and  timetables for compliance,  as

   may  be   necessary  or   appropriate  to   meet  the   applicable

   requirements of this Act;  

      "(B) provide  for  establishment and  operation of  appropriate

   devices, methods, systems, and procedures necessary to-  

         "(i)  monitor,  compile, and  analyze  data  on  ambient air

      quality, and  

         "(ii)  upon  request,   make  such  data  available  to  the


      "(C)  include a program to  provide for the  enforcement of the

   measures  described in  subparagraph (A),  and  regulation of  the

   modification and construction of any stationary  source within the

   areas  covered by  the plan as  necessary to  assure that national

   ambient air  quality standards  are achieved,  including a  permit

   program as required in parts C and D;  

      "(D) contain adequate provisions-  

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