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   plan  required under subparagraph (1) no later than the following:

         "(A) Within 1 year of the date of the enactment of the Clean

      Air Act Amendments of  1990, for areas designated nonattainment

      under  section  107(d)(4), except  that the  provision required

      under subparagraph (1)(A) shall be submitted no later than June

      30, 1992.

         "(B) 18  months after the  designation as nonattainment, for

      those  areas  designated nonattainment  after  the designations

      prescribed under section 107(d)(4).

   "(b) Serious Areas.-

      "(1) Plan  provisions.-In addition to  the provisions submitted

   to  meet  the  requirements  of  paragraph   (a)(1)  (relating  to

   Moderate  Areas), each State  in which  all or  part of  a Serious

   Area is located  shall submit an implementation plan for such area

   that includes each of the following:

         "(A) A demonstration (including air quality modeling)-

           "(i)  that the  plan provides for  attainment of the PM-10

         national  ambient  air quality  standard  by the  applicable

         attainment date, or

           "(ii)  for any  area  for  which  the  State  is  seeking,

         pursuant to  section 188(e), an  extension of the attainment

         date  beyond the  date set  forth  in  section 188(c),  that

         attainment by that date would be impracticable, and that the

         plan  provides  for   attainment  by  the  most  expeditious

         alternative date practicable.

         "(B) Provisions  to assure  that the  best available control

      measures for the control of PM-10 shall be implemented no later

      than  4 years  after  the  date  the  area  is  classified  (or

      reclassified) as a Serious Area.

      "(2) Schedule  for plan  submissions.-A State shall  submit the

   demonstration  required for  an  area  under paragraph  (1)(A)  no

   later than 4  years after reclassification of the area to Serious,

   except that  for areas reclassified  under section 188(b)(2),  the

   State shall submit  the attainment demonstration within  18 months

   after  reclassification  to  Serious. A  State  shall  submit  the

   provisions  described under  paragraph  (1)(B)  no later  than  18

   months after reclassification of the area as a Serious Area.

      "(3)  Major sources.-For  any  Serious Area,  the terms  `major

   source'  and  `major  stationary  source'  include any  stationary

   source or group of stationary sources located within a  contiguous

   area and under common  control that emits, or has the potential to

   emit, at least 70 tons per year of PM-10.

   "(c)  Milestones.-(1)  Plan  revisions  demonstrating   attainment

submitted  to the Administrator for approval  under this subpart shall

contain quantitative milestones which are to be achieved every 3 years

until  the  area  is  redesignated attainment  and  which  demonstrate

reasonable  further progress,  as  defined in  section 171(1),  toward

attainment by the applicable date.

   "(2) Not later  than 90 days after  the date on which  a milestone

applicable to the area occurs, each State in which all or part of such

area is located shall submit to the Administrator a demonstration that

all  measures  in  the plan  approved  under  this  section have  been

implemented and that the milestone has been met. A demonstration under

this subsection shall be submitted in such form and manner,  and shall

contain  such information  and  analysis, as  the Administrator  shall

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