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require. The  Administrator shall determine  whether or not  a State's

demonstration under this subsection is  adequate within 90 days  after

the  Administrator's receipt  of  a demonstration  which contains  the

information and analysis required by the Administrator.

   "(3) If  a State fails to  submit a  demonstration under paragraph

(2)  with respect to a milestone within  the required period or if the

Administrator  determines that  the  area has  not met  any applicable

milestone,  the Administrator shall require the State, within 9 months

after such failure  or determination  to submit a  plan revision  that

assures that the State will achieve the next milestone (or  attain the

national ambient air quality  standard for PM-10, if there  is no next

milestone) by the applicable date.

   "(d)  Failure   To  Attain.-In  the  case   of  a   Serious  PM-10

nonattainment area in which the PM-10 standard  is not attained by the

applicable  attainment date, the State  in which such  area is located

shall, after notice and opportunity for public comment,  submit within

12 months after  the applicable attainment date, plan  revisions which

provide for attainment of the PM-10 air quality standard and, from the

date of such submission  until attainment, for an annual  reduction in

PM-10 or  PM-10 precursor emissions within the area of not less than 5

percent of the amount of such emissions as reported in the most recent

inventory prepared for such area.

   "(e) PM-10  Precursors.-The control  requirements applicable under

plans in effect under this part  for major stationary sources of PM-10

shall  also apply  to  major stationary  sources of  PM-10 precursors,

except where  the Administrator  determines that such  sources do  not

contribute significantly to  PM-10 levels which exceed the standard in

the  area.  The Administrator  shall  issue  guidelines regarding  the

application of the preceding sentence.


   "The Administrator shall issue, in  the same manner and  according

to  the same  procedure as  guidance is  issued under  section 108(c),

technical guidance  on reasonably available control  measures and best

available control measures for urban fugitive dust, and emissions from

residential wood  combustion  (including curtailments  and  exemptions

from such curtailments) and  prescribed silvicultural and agricultural

burning,  no later than 18 months  following the date of the enactment

of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. The Administrator shall  also

examine other categories of sources

contributing  to nonattainment  of the  PM-10 standard,  and determine

whether additional  guidance on reasonably available  control measures

and  best available  control measures  is needed,  and issue  any such

guidance no  later than 3 years after the date of the enactment of the

Clean Air Act  Amendments of  1990. In issuing  guidelines and  making

determinations under this section, the Administrator  (in consultation

with the State) shall take into account emission reductions  achieved,

or  expected to  be achieved, under  title IV and  other provisions of

this Act.".

   (b) PM-10  Increments in PSD Areas.-Section  166 of  the Clean Air

Act  (42 U.S.C.7476) is amended by adding the following new subsection

at the end:

   "(f)  PM-10   Increments.-The  Administrator   is  authorized   to

substitute, for the maximum  allowable increases in particulate matter

specified  in section  163(b)  and section  165(d)(2)(C)(iv),  maximum

allowable increases in particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter

smaller than  or equal  to 10  micrometers.  Such substituted  maximum

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