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treatment  of Indian tribes as identical to States is inappropriate or

administratively  infeasible,  the   Administrator  may  provide,   by

regulation,  other  means by  which  the  Administrator will  directly

administer such provisions so as to achieve the appropriate purpose.

   "(5) Until such time as the  Administrator promulgates regulations

pursuant to this subsection, the Administrator may continue to provide

financial assistance to eligible Indian tribes under section 105.".


   (a) Transportation Planning Guidance.-Section 108(e)  of the Clean

Air Act  is amended  by deleting the  first sentence and  inserting in

lieu   thereof  the   following:  "The   Administrator  shall,   after

consultation with the Secretary of Transportation, and after providing

public  notice and opportunity for  comment, and with  State and local

officials, within nine  months after  enactment of the  Clean Air  Act

Amendments  of  1989  and  periodically  thereafter  as  necessary  to

maintain a  continuous  transportation-air quality  planning  process,

update the  June 1978 Transportation-Air  Quality Planning  Guidelines

and  publish  guidance  on   the  development  and  implementation  of

transportation   and  other  measures  necessary  to  demonstrate  and

maintain attainment of national ambient air quality standards.".

   (b)  Transportation  Control Measures.-Section  108(f)(1)  of  the

Clean Air Act is amended  by deleting all after "(f)" through  the end

of subparagraph (A) and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

   "(1)  The  Administrator  shall  publish  and  make  available  to

appropriate Federal, State, and local environmental and transporta-

tion agencies not later than one year after enactment of the Clean Air

Act Amendments of 1990, and from time to time thereafter-

      "(A) information prepared, as appropriate, in consultation with

   the  Secretary  of  Transportation,  and  after  providing  public

   notice and opportunity for comment, regarding  the formulation and

   emission reduction  potential of  transportation control  measures

   related to  criteria pollutants  and their precursors,  including,

   but not limited to-

         "(i) programs for improved public transit;

         "(ii)  restriction   of  certain  roads   or  lanes  to,  or

      construction of such roads or lanes for use by, passenger buses

      or high occupancy vehicles;

         "(iii)   employer-based  transportation   management  plans,

      including incentives;

         "(iv) trip-reduction ordinances;

         "(v) traffic flow improvement programs that achieve emission


         "(vi) fringe and transportation corridor  parking facilities

      serving multiple occupancy vehicle programs or transit service;

         "(vii) programs to limit or restrict vehicle use in downtown

      areas  or  other areas  of emission  concentration particularly

      during periods of peak use;

         "(viii)  programs   for  the  provision   of  all  forms  of

      high-occupancy, shared-ride services;

         "(ix) programs to limit portions of road surfaces or certain

      sections of the  metropolitan area to the  use of non-motorized

      vehicles or pedestrian use, both as to time and place;

         "(x)  programs  for secure  bicycle  storage facilities  and

      other facilities, including bicycle  lanes, for the convenience

      and protection of bicyclists, in both public and private areas;

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