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         "(xi) programs to control extended idling of vehicles;

         "(xii)   programs   to   reduce  motor   vehicle  emissions,

      consistent with  title II,  which  are caused  by extreme  cold

      start conditions;

         "(xiii)  employer-sponsored programs to permit flexible work


         "(xiv) programs and ordinances to  facilitate non-automobile

      travel,  provision  and utilization  of  mass  transit, and  to

      generally  reduce the need  for single-occupant vehicle travel,

      as part of transportation planning and development efforts of a

      locality, including  programs and ordinances  applicable to new

      shopping centers, special events,  and other centers of vehicle


         "(xv)    programs   for    new   construction    and   major

      reconstructions of paths, tracks or areas solely for the use by

      pedestrian or other non-motorized means of  transportation when

      economically feasible and in  the public interest. For purposes

      of this clause,  the Administrator shall also  consult with the

      Secretary of the Interior; and  

         "(xvi) program  to encourage the  voluntary removal from use

      and the marketplace of pre-1980 model year light  duty vehicles

      and pre-1980 model light duty trucks.".

   (c)  RACT/BACT/LAER  Clearinghouse.-Section 108  of the  Clean Air

Act (42  U.S.C. 7408) is  amended by adding  the following at  the end


   "(h)  RACT/BACT/LAER  Clearinghouse.-The Administrator  shall make

information  regarding emission  control  technology available  to the

States  and to  the general  public through  a central  database. Such

information  shall include all control technology information received

pursuant  to  State plan  provisions  requiring  permits for  sources,

including operating permits for existing sources.".

   (d) State  Reports on Emissions-Related  Data.-Section 110 of  the

Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7410)  is amended by adding the following new

subsection after subsection (o):

   "(p) Reports.-Any State  shall submit, according to  such schedule

as the  Administrator may prescribe, such reports as the Administrator

may require  relating to emission reductions,  vehicle miles traveled,

congestion  levels, and  any other  information the  Administrator may

deem  necessary  to assess  the  development  effectiveness, need  for

revision,  or implementation  of any  plan  or plan  revision required

under this Act.".

   (e) New Source Standards of  Performance.-(1) Section 111(b)(1)(B)

of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7411(b)(1)(B)) is amended as follows:

      (A) Strike "120 days" and insert "one year".

      (B) Strike "90 days" and insert "one year".

      (C) Strike "four years" and insert "8 years".

      (D)  Immediately before  the sentence  beginning  "Standards of

   performance  or  revisions thereof"  insert  "Notwithstanding  the

   requirements of the previous sentence, the  Administrator need not

   review  any such  standard if  the  Administrator determines  that

   such  review is  not  appropriate in  light of  readily  available

   information on the efficacy of such standard.".

      (E) Add  the  following at  the end:  "When implementation  and

   enforcement of any requirement  of this Act indicate that emission

   limitations and  percent reductions beyond  those required by  the

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