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   standards  promulgated   under  this   section  are  achieved   in

   practice,  the   Administrator  shall,  when  revising   standards

   promulgated under this section, consider the  emission limitations

   and percent reductions achieved in practice.".

   (2) Section 111(f)(1)  of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7411(f)(1))

is amended to read as follows:

   "(1) For  those categories  of major  stationary sources  that the

Administrator listed under subsection (b)(1)(A) before the date of the

enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act Amendments  of  1990 and  for which

regulations had not been  proposed by the Administrator by  such date,

the Administrator shall-

      "(A) propose regulations establishing standards  of performance

   for  at least  25 percent of  such categories of  sources within 2

   years after  the  date  of the  enactment  of  the Clean  Air  Act

   Amendments of 1990;

      "(B)  propose regulations establishing standards of performance

   for at least 50 percent of such categories of sources within

   4 years  after the  date of  the enactment  of the  Clean Air  Act

   Amendments of 1990; and

      "(C)  propose  regulations  for  the  remaining  categories  of

   sources within  6 years  after the  date of the  enactment of  the

   Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.".

   (f) Savings  Clause.-Section 111(a)(3)  of the  Clean Air Act  (42

U.S.C. 7411(f)(1)) is amended by adding at the end: "Nothing in  title

II of this Act relating to nonroad engines shall be construed to apply

to stationary internal combustion engines.".

   (g)  Regulation of  Existing  Sources.-Section  111(d)(1)(A)(i) of

the  Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7411(d)(1)(A)(i)) is amended by striking

"or 112(b)(1)(A)"  and inserting  "or emitted from  a source  category

which is regulated under section 112".

   (h) Consultation.-The penultimate  sentence of section 121  of the

Clean  Air Act (42  U.S.C. 7421) is  amended to read  as follows: "The

Administrator  shall  update  as necessary  the  original  regulations

required and  promulgated under this section (as in effect immediately

before the  date of the enactment  of the Clean Air  Act Amendments of

1990) to ensure adequate consultation.".

   (i) Delegation.-The  second sentence of  section 301(a)(1) of  the

Clean  Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7601(a)(1)) is amended by inserting "subject

to section 307(d)" immediately following "regulations".  

   (j)  Definitions.-Section 302  of  the Clean  Air Act  (42  U.S.C.

7602) is amended as follows:

      (1) Insert the following new subsections after subsection (r):

   "(s)  VOC.-The term  `VOC'  means  volatile organic  compound,  as

defined by the Administrator.  

   "(t)  PM-10.-The term  `PM-10' means  particulate  matter with  an

aerodynamic  diameter less than or equal to a nominal ten micrometers,

as measured by such method as the Administrator may determine.

   "(u) NAAQS and  CTG.-The term `NAAQS' means  national ambient  air

quality standard. The  term `CTG' means a  Control Technique Guideline

published by the Administrator under section 108.

   "(v) NOx.-The term `NOx' means oxides of nitrogen.

   "(w) CO.-The term `CO' means carbon monoxide.  

   "(x) Small  Source.-The term  `small source' means  a source  that

emits less  than 100  tons of  regulated pollutants  per year,  or any

class  of   persons  that   the   Administrator  determines,   through

regulation, generally lack  technical ability  or knowledge  regarding

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