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         "(i)  prohibiting, consistent  with  the provisions  of this

      title,  any source or  other type of  emissions activity within

      the Statefrom emitting any air pollutant in amounts which will-

           "(I)  contribute  significantly  to  nonattainment in,  or

         interfere with maintenance  by, any other State with respect

         to  any  such  national  primary  or  secondary  ambient air

         quality standard, or  

           "(II) interfere with  measures required to be  included in

         the applicable implementation plan for any other State under

         part C  to prevent significant  deterioration of air quality

         or to protect visibility,  

         "(ii) insuring  compliance with  the applicable requirements

      of   sections  126   and  115   (relating  to   interstate  and

      international pollution abatement);

      "(E)  provide  (i) necessary  assurances  that  the State  (or,

   except  where the  Administrator deems  inappropriate, the general

   purpose  local government  or governments,  or  a regional  agency

   designated by the  State or general purpose local  governments for

   such  purpose)   will  have   adequate  personnel,  funding,   and

   authority under State (and,  as appropriate,  local) law to  carry

   out such  implementation  plan  (and  is  not  prohibited  by  any

   provision  of  Federal  or  State  law  from   carrying  out  such

   implementation  plan or  portion thereof),  (ii) requirements that

   the State  comply with  the requirements  respecting State  boards

   under section 128,  and (iii) necessary assurances that, where the

   State  has relied  on a local  or regional  government, agency, or

   instrumentality for the implementation of any  plan provision, the

   State has responsibility  for ensuring adequate implementation  of

   such plan provision;

      "(F) require, as may be prescribed by the Administrator-  

         "(i)  the  installation,  maintenance,  and  replacement  of

      equipment, and the implementation  of other necessary steps, by

      owners or operators of  stationary sources to monitor emissions

      from such sources,  

         "(ii)  periodic  reports   on  the  nature  and  amounts  of

      emissions and  emissions-related data  from such sources,  and

         "(iii) correlation of such reports by the State  agency with

      any emission  limitations or standards  established pursuant to

      this Act, which reports shall  be available at reasonable times

      for public inspection;  

      "(G) provide  for authority comparable  to that in  section 303

   and adequate contingency plans to implement such authority;  

      "(H) provide for revision of such plan-  

           "(i) from time to time as may be necessary to take

         account of  revisions of such  national primary or secondary

         ambient air quality standard or the availability of improved

         or more expeditious  methods of attaining such standard, and

           "(ii)  except as  provided in  paragraph  (3)(C), whenever

         the  Administrator  finds  on   the  basis  of   information

         available   to   the   Administrator   that   the   plan  is

         substantially inadequate to attain the national  ambient air

         quality standard which  it implements or to otherwise comply

         with any additional requirements established under this Act;

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