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control of air pollution.  

   "(y)    Federal    Implementation    Plan.-The    term    `Federal

implementation plan' means a plan (or portion  thereof) promulgated by

the  Administrator to  fill all  or a  portion of  a gap  or otherwise

correct  all or a  portion of an inadequacy  in a State implementation

plan,  and which  includes enforceable  emission limitations  or other

control measures, means or techniques  (including economic incentives,

such  as marketable permits or auctions  of emissions allowances), and

provides for attainment  of the relevant national ambient  air quality


   (2) Section 302(g)  of the  Clean Air Act  (42 U.S.C. 7602(g))  is

amended by adding the  following at the  end: "Such term includes  any

precursors to the formation of any air pollutant, to the extent

the Administrator has identified such precursor  or precursors for the

particular purpose for which the term `air pollutant' is used.".

   (k) Pollution Prevention.-Section  101 of  the Clean  Air Act  (42

U.S.C. 7401) is amended as follows:  

      (1) Amend subsection (a)(3) to read as follows:  

      "(3) that air pollution prevention  (that is, the reduction  or

   elimination, through  any measures,  of the  amount of  pollutants

   produced or  created at the source)  and air  pollution control at

   its  source is  the  primary responsibility  of States  and  local

   governments; and".

      (2)  Amend  subsection  (b)(4)  by inserting  "prevention  and"

   immediately after "pollution".

      (3) Add a new subsection (c) to read as follows:  

   "(c)  Pollution Prevention.-A  primary  goal  of this  Act  is  to

encourage or  otherwise promote  reasonable Federal, State,  and local

governmental actions, consistent with the provisions of this Act,  for

pollution prevention.".

   (l) Part D of title I of  the Clean Air Act is amended by adding a

new subpart after subpart 5 as follows:

                   "Subpart 6-Savings Provisions

"Sec. 193. General savings clause.


   "Each  regulation,  standard,  rule, notice,  order  and  guidance

promulgated  or  issued by  the Administrator  under  this Act,  as in

effect  before  the  date  of  the  enactment of  the  Clean  Air  Act

Amendments  of 1990  shall remain  in effect  according to  its terms,

except  to the extent otherwise provided  under this Act, inconsistent

with any  provision of this Act,  or revised by  the Administrator. No

control requirement in effect,  or required to be adopted by an order,

settlement  agreement,  or  plan in  effect  before  the  date of  the

enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 in any area which is

a nonattainment area for any air pollutant may be modified  after such

enactment in  any manner unless the modification insures equivalent or

greater emission reductions of such air pollutant.".

   (m)  Boundary  Changes.-Section 162(a)  of the  Clean Air  Act (42

U.S.C. 7472(a)) is amended by adding at the end thereof the following:

"The extent  of the areas  designated as  Class I  under this  section

shall  conform to any  changes in the  boundaries of such  areas which

have occurred subsequent to the date of the enactment of the Clean Air

Act Amendments of 1977, or  which may occur subsequent to the  date of

the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.".

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