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   in subsections (g)  and (h) for model years commencing not earlier

   than after January  1, 2003, and not  later than model  year 2006,

   including the lead time and  safety and energy impacts  of meeting

   more stringent emission standards; and

      "(ii)  the  need  for,  and cost  effectiveness  of,  obtaining

   further reductions in emissions from such  light-duty vehicles and

   light-duty trucks, taking into consideration  alternative means of

   attaining or maintaining the national primary  ambient air quality

   standards  pursuant  to  State  implementation   plans  and  other

   requirements of  this Act,  including their  feasibility and  cost


   "(B) The Administrator  shall submit a report to Congress no later

than June  1, 1997,  containing the  results of the  study under  this

subsection, including  the results of the  examination conducted under

subparagraph (A).  Before submittal  of such report  the Administrator

shall provide  a reasonable opportunity  for public comment  and shall

include a summary of such comments in the report to Congress.

   "(3)(A) Based on the  study under paragraph (1) the  Administrator

shall determine, by  rule, within 3 calendar years after the report is

submitted to Congress, but not later than December 31, 1999, whether-

      "(i) there is  a need  for further reductions  in emissions  as

   provided in paragraph (2)(A);

      "(ii)  the  technology  for  meeting  more  stringent  emission

   standards will be  available, as provided in  paragraph (2)(A)(i),

   in the  case of light-duty vehicles  and light-duty  trucks with a

   loaded  vehicle weight  (LVW)  of 3,750  lbs.  or less,  for model


   commencing  not earlier  than January 1,  2003 and  not later than

   model  year 2006,  considering  the  factors listed  in  paragraph

   (2)(A)(i); and

      "(iii)  obtaining  further reductions  in  emissions  from such

   vehicles  will   be  needed  and   cost  effective,  taking   into

   consideration alternatives as provided in paragraph (2)(A)(ii).

The  rulemaking under  this paragraph shall  commence within  3 months

after submission of the report to Congress under paragraph (2)(B).

   "(B) If the Administrator determines under  subparagraph (A) that-

      "(i)  there is no need  for further reductions  in emissions as

   provided in paragraph (2)(A);

      "(ii)  the  technology  for  meeting  more  stringent  emission

   standards  will  not   be  available  as  provided   in  paragraph

   (2)(A)(i),  in the  case  of  light-duty vehicles  and  light-duty

   trucks with a loaded vehicle  weight (LVW) of 3,750 lbs. or  less,

   for model years commencing not  earlier than January 1,  2003, and

   not later than  model year 2006, considering the factors listed in

   paragraph (2)(A)(i); or

      "(iii) obtaining  further  reductions in  emissions  from  such

   vehicles  will  not  be  needed  or  cost  effective,  taking into

   consideration alternatives as provided in paragraph (2)(A)(ii),

the Administrator  shall not promulgate more  stringent standards than

those in effect pursuant  to subsections (g) and (h).  Nothing in this

paragraph  shall  prohibit  the  Administrator   from  exercising  the

Administrator's  authority  under  subsection (a)  to  promulgate more

stringent standards for light-duty vehicles and light-duty trucks with

a loaded vehicle weight (LVW)  of 3,750 lbs. or less at any other time

thereafter in accordance with subsection (a).

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