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      "(I)  in the  case  of a  plan  or plan  revision  for an  area

   designated  as   a   nonattainment  area,   meet  the   applicable

   requirements of part D (relating to nonattainment areas);  

      "(J) meet the applicable  requirements of section 121 (relating

   to consultation), section  127 (relating to public  notification),

   and part  C (relating to  prevention of significant  deterioration

   of air quality and visibility protection);  

      "(K) provide for-  

         "(i)  the performance  of such air  quality modeling  as the

      Administrator may  prescribe for the purpose  of predicting the

      effect  on  ambient air  quality of  any  emissions of  any air

      pollutant  for  which  the   Administrator  has  established  a

      national ambient air quality standard, and

         "(ii) the submission, upon request, of data related to  such

      air quality modeling to the Administrator;

      "(L) require  the owner  or operator  of each  major stationary

   source to  pay to the permitting authority, as  a condition of any

   permit required under this Act, a fee sufficient to cover-

         "(i) the reasonable  costs of reviewing and acting  upon any

      application for such a permit, and

         "(ii)  if the owner  or operator receives a  permit for such

      source, the reasonable costs  of implementing and enforcing the

      terms  and conditions  of  any such  permit (not  including any

      court  costs or  other  costs associated  with any  enforcement

      action), until such fee  requirement is superseded with respect

      to such  sources  by  the Administrator's  approval  of  a  fee

      program under title V; and

      "(M)  provide  for  consultation  and  participation  by  local

   political subdivisions affected by the plan.".

      (c) Additional Provisions.-Section 110 of the Clean Air Act (42

   U.S.C.  7410)  is amended  by  adding  the  following  at the  end


      "(k)   Environmental   Protection   Agency   Action   on   Plan


         "(1) Completeness of plan submissions.-

           "(A) Completeness  criteria.-Within  9  months  after  the

         date of  the enactment  of the Clean Air  Act Amendments  of

         1990,  the Administrator  shall promulgate  minimum criteria

         that any plan  submission must meet before the Administrator

         is required to act on such submission under this subsection.

         The criteria  shall be limited  to the information necessary

         to enable  the Administrator  to determine  whether the plan

         submission complies with the provisions of this Act.

           "(B)  Completeness   finding.-Within   60  days   of   the

         Administrator's  receipt of a plan or  plan revision, but no

         later than 6 months after the date, if any, by which a State

         is   required  to   submit   the  plan   or   revision,  the

         Administrator shall  determine whether the minimum  criteria

         established pursuant to  subparagraph (A) have been met. Any

         plan  or   plan  revision  that  a  State   submits  to  the

         Administrator,  and  that has  not  been  determined  by the

         Administrator (by  the date  6 months  after receipt  of the

         submission)  to have  failed  to meet  the  minimum criteria

         established pursuant to subparagraph (A), shall on that date

         be deemed by operation of law to meet such minimum criteria.

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