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   "(C) If the Administrator determines under  subparagraph (A) that-

      "(i) there is  a need  for further reductions  in emissions  as

   provided in paragraph (2)(A);

      "(ii)  the  technology  for  meeting  more  stringent  emission

   standards will be  available, as provided in  paragraph (2)(A)(i),

   in the  case of light-duty vehicles  and light-duty  trucks with a

   loaded  vehicle weight  (LVW)  of 3,750  lbs.  or less,  for model

   years commencing not earlier than  January 1, 2003, and  not later

   than model year  2006, considering the factors listed in paragraph

   (2)(A)(i); and

      "(iii) obtaining  further  reductions in  emissions  from  such

   vehicles  will   be  needed  and   cost  effective,  taking   into

   consideration alternatives as provided in paragraph (2)(A)(ii),

the Administrator  shall either  promulgate the standards  (and useful

life  periods) set  forth in Table  3 in  paragraph (1)  or promulgate

alternative  standards  (and  useful  life  periods)  which  are  more

stringent than those  referred to in subsections (g) and (h). Any such

standards (or  useful life  periods) promulgated by  the Administrator

shall take effect  with respect  to any  such vehicles  or engines  no

earlier than the  model year 2003 but not later  than model year 2006,

as determined by the Administrator in the rule.

   "(D)  Nothing   in  this  paragraph  shall  be  construed  by  the

Administrator or by a  court as a presumption  that any standards  (or


life  period) set  forth  in  Table  3 shall  be  promulgated  in  the

rulemaking  required under this paragraph. The  action required of the

Administrator  in accordance with this paragraph shall be treated as a

nondiscretionary duty  for purposes of section  304(a)(2) (relating to

citizen suits).

   "(E) Unless  the Administrator determines  not to promulgate  more

stringent standards as provided in subparagraph (B) or to postpone the

effective date of standards referred to in Table 3 in paragraph (1) or

to establish  alternative standards  as provided in  subparagraph (C),

effective  with  respect to  model years  commencing after  January 1,

2003, the regulations under subsection (a) applicable to  emissions of

nonmethane hydrocarbons  (NMHC), oxides of nitrogen  (NOx), and carbon

monoxide (CO) from  motor vehicles  and motor vehicle  engines in  the

classes  specified in  Table 3  in paragraph  (1) above  shall contain

standards which  provide  that emissions  may not  exceed the  pending

emission levels specified in Table 3 in paragraph (1).".

   (b) Useful  Life.-Section 202(d) of the  Clean Air  Act (42 U.S.C.

   7521(d)(1)) is amended as follows:

      (1) Insert  "except where  a different  useful life  period  is

   specified in this title" after "provide that".

      (2) Strike the semicolon at the end of paragraph (1) and insert

   the following  ", except  that in the  case of any  requirement of

   this section  which first becomes  applicable after the  enactment

   of  the Clean Air  Act Amendments  of 1990  where the  useful life

   period is not  otherwise specified for such  vehicles and engines,

   the  period   shall  be  10  years   or  100,000   miles  (or  the

   equivalent), whichever first occurs, with testing  for purposes of

   in-use  compliance under  section  207 up  to  (but not  beyond) 7

   years  or  75,000  miles  (or  the  equivalent),  whichever  first


      (3)  Insert "and light-duty trucks up  to 3,750 lbs. LVW and up

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