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Amendments of  1990) of  vehicles or  vehicle engines whose  projected

sales in  the United States for  any model year (as  determined by the

Administrator)  will  not  exceed  300, the  Administrator  shall  not

require, for purposes of determining compliance with regulations under

section 202 for the useful life of the vehicle or engine, operation of

any vehicle or  engine manufactured  during such model  year for  more

than 5,000 miles or 160 hours, respectively, unless the Administrator,

by regulation, prescribes otherwise. The Administrator shall apply any

adjustment factors that the  Administrator deems appropriate to assure

that each vehicle  or engine will  comply during  its useful life  (as

determined under section 202(d)) with the regulations prescribed under

section 202.".

   (c)  FTP  Modifications.-Section  206  of  the  Clean  Air Act  is

amended by adding the following new subsection at the end thereof:

   "(h) Within  18 months after  the enactment of  the Clean Air  Act

Amendments  of  1990, the  Administrator  shall review  and  revise as

necessary the regulations under subsection (a) and (b) of this section

regarding the testing of  motor vehicles and motor vehicle  engines to

insure that vehicles are tested under circumstances which  reflect the

actual current driving conditions under which motor vehicles are used,

including conditions relating to fuel,  temperature, acceleration, and



   Effective  with  respect   to  new  motor  vehicles   and  engines

manufactured in the model year 1995 and thereafter, section 207 of the

Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7541) is amended as follows:

      (1)  Strike  out  "useful  life (as  determined  under  section

   202(d))" each place it appears  in subsection (b) and  insert "the

   warranty period (as determined under subsection (i))".

      (2)  Strike  so much  of section  207(b)  as follows  the third

      sentence thereof.

      (3) Add the following new subsection at the end thereof:

   "(i) Warranty Period.-

         "(1)  In  general.-For  purposes of  subsection  (a)(1)  and

      subsection (b), the warranty  period, effective with respect to

      new light-duty trucks and  new light-duty vehicles and engines,

      manufactured in  the model year  1995 and thereafter,  shall be

      the  first  2 years  or 24,000  miles  of use  (whichever first

      occurs),  except as provided in  paragraph (2). For purposes of

      subsection (a)(1)  and subsection  (b), for other  vehicles and

      engines the warranty period shall be the  period established by

      the  Administrator  by  regulation  (promulgated prior  to  the

      enactment of the  Clean Air  Act Amendments of  1990) for  such

      purposes  unless the  Administrator subsequently  modifies such


         "(2)  Specified major  emission  control  components.-In the

      case  of  a specified  major  emission  control component,  the

      warranty period  for new  light-duty trucks and  new light-duty

      vehicles and  engines manufactured in  the model year  1995 and

      thereafter for purposes of subsection (a)(1) and subsection (b)

      shall  be 8  years  or 80,000  miles  of use  (whichever  first

      occurs). As used in  this paragraph, the term `specified  major

      emission control  component' means only  a catalytic converter,

      an electronic emissions control  unit, and an onboard emissions

      diagnostic  device, except that the Administrator may designate

      any  other pollution control device or component as a specified

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